mFortune Casino refusing to pay legitimate winnings!!

Russ Page United Kingdom
posted on October 23, 2015.

I depossited £90 over three days by mobile with m fortune on the third day I won £180 I withdrew this, four days later they sent a text asking me to call them which I did they then told me they needed my driving licence and council tax bikk both of which I was and am happy to supply they then said they need a copy of my phone bill showing the deposits and showing as paid I said this wasn't possible as my bill isn't due for three weeks to even be produced and then ten days later it comes out direct debit, I told them I made a over Payment to 02 the day before for £130 (more than I had spent) and told them I had a receipt for this showing them the phone was actually in credit they refused to accept this and refused a letter from o2 head office VIP team as I hold 6 lines with 02 with a yearly spend in 2014 of £25436.00 just with o2. They refused to accept this and stated they wanted the bill. They refused to refund my deposits back to my phone bill and said on a recorded phone call which I had yesturday if I cant provide it they will simply keep the money! I was told I couldn't make a complaint on the phone despite there complaints procedure stating I could and I was told by email when I complained basicly there was nothing I could do! Totally rubbish service I use lady lucks normally hence the big spend with 02 in 2014 and cant fault them they pay within 24 hours normally and have never had a issue even on massive wins of ten grand +. I will never use m fortune again I want my money!

posted on October 26, 2015.

Dear @fb_10­206­346­686­680350,
Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.