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Lucky247 Casino - Refused £416 withdrawal


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£ 416

tomfking United Kingdom Message
Posted on November 11, 2018


I won a fair amount using a bonus at this casino. Then went to withdraw and was told that I could not as there was a block on my account. I was subsequently asked to provide KYC in the form of photogrpahic ID (myself holding my passport), bank card and utility bill/ bank statement. The casino refused to accept the bank statement I provided, which is attached. As it appeared to them that the statement was an online printout and not recieved in the post. This is not true and I have made the point with them that this document was received in the mail, to my address registered within the last 6 months, so compliant with their Terms and Conditions.

I have also attached a council tax bill which was also received in the post that complies with the terms and conditions. But frankly I am unhappy with the casino's refusal to accept what I have already provided in this case.

I challenge the fact that a casino can decide whether a document was printed out or posted to the recipient anyway, and should not be a valid reason to deny withrawal of winnings or freeze someones account!