Lucky Red Casino voids my winnings, because i didnt sign up with current phonenumber

bazboy Thailand
posted on November 19, 2014.

Hi, I played at lucky red casino and won around 2300$. When I tried to withdraw I got asked to provide a filled out faxback form along with 2 utility bills and my ID, which I did.

After that they asked me to call me for verification purposes, but the number I signed up wasn't my current private home number. In the past I had big problems with online casinos calling me(once i even got called at 2am in the morning!) with bonus offers and things (basically making unauthorized spamcalls), so I used an old mobilenumber of mine.

I then gave them my current private number to call me for verification purposes, but instead of a call I got a message stating that my deposit has been returned and all my winnings voided.

The reason they give is because I didn't sign up with my current private number and that this violates their terms and conditions. I find this method of voiding winnings very unfair and want my money. I was just trying to protect myself from sales calls, I did nothing wrong and provided all documents they asked from me in the first place. This is why i came here to seek mediation. Thank you

posted on November 21, 2014.

Hi Bazaboy,

Unfortunately we do clearly state in our terms that accurate information must be provided, including phone number. We can see that you deliberately entered incorrect information (which you have admitted to), and once playthrough was almost complete you requested to change the information.

Usually we have some flexibility on this term however, in addition to this you do have a multiple account that you say is your brothers, this is another term that has been broken. We do only allow one account per household / IP. Both accounts share the same address but with the house number altered slightly.

Our customer service representative decided because of these 2 factors that we should forward this over to the cashier team, and they made the decision to refund your deposit and close the account.

I understand this is not the outcome you expected however the terms are in place for a reason, and they are readily available for you to read at any time.

Best Regards

bazboy Thailand
posted on November 21, 2014.

Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your answer. I am glad that you have some flexibility on the phone number issue.

Fortunatly the other point you mentioned shouldnt be an issue here, since i have the chatlogs of the chat i had with the livesupport while signing up. He told me i cant get the 400% bonus because, like you said, my brother signed up back in the day from the same adress when he was still living here.

He then offered me the daily bonus, which was a 70% bonus and said i can use that one. I accepted the offer and he then added the 70% bonus. I can post the screenshot of the chatlogs in here if needed.

So it would be very unfair blaming this on me. You knew all the details, that i signed up with the same adress as my brother back in the day, which is why you didnt grant me the first deposit bonus. Knowing all this you still offered me the 70% daily bonus and told me im allowed to use this one instead. You cant come afterwards and void my winnings for having taken your offer. You had all the details, you cant bait me with an offer, tell me im allowed to play it and then void my winnings if i do win.

I kindly ask you to use the flexibility you have on the term concerning the phone number and pay me my winnings, i was honestly just trying to protect myself from spamcalls, since i live with my parents and im worried they gonna get annoyed if we get spamcalls on a regular basis by casinos trying to promote offers. I hope you can find a little understanding for that.

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards,

posted on November 25, 2014.

Hi Bazboy,

You are correct you were told that you were fine to play on this account, we made an exception to the multiple accounts. However at that point we did not know that you provided incorrect details on purpose.

Had we known that, I can tell you that your deposit would have been refunded.

The moment we found out about the incorrect details on the account it was passed over to the cashier for review. As stated, each term broke on their own gives us space to apply common sense.

However when multiple terms are broken on the first deposit it breaks trust, we have to protect ourselves going forward this is why the decision was made to refund your deposit and part ways.

bazboy Thailand
posted on November 25, 2014.

No the way you argue is not fair. You are still saying i broke 2 terms of conditions when you basically admit in the beginning that you cant hold me accountable for the fact that i signed up with the same adress as my brother. So this is out of discussion, you permitted it, you cant come afterwards and say "if we would have known etc". That would mean i was starting to play with a disadvantage on my account, since if anything in my account is wrong(lets say i miss spell my streetname or sth like that), you can come up saying i broke multiple terms when normally, you have flexibility there. It is totally unfair to tell me im fine to play the bonus but fully knowing that there wont be any flexibility anymore.
Like you confirmed above, you offered me the bonus i played and told me i am allowed to play it, you didnt say anything about an exception or anything like that. Theres no way you can hold that against me now.
So the only issue is still the fact that i didnt sign up with my private number and i would ask you to use the above mentioned flexiblity on this please.
I am also willing to provide further verifi­cat­ion­doc­uments if needed such as notarized ID for example to contribute to a fair resolution of this case.

Kind regards,

posted on November 25, 2014.

Hi Bazboy,

I am saying that you were given the benefit of the doubt on the first term breakage (opening a multiple account), the second term breakage was the final straw for the casino (providing incorrect details on purpose).

If you have broken two terms on your first deposit, it does not instill trust.

For clarity first of all this term was broken:

2. All Bonuses will be given only once per household, business address, IP address and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a duplicate account is opened it will be closed and all bonuses and winnings will be considered void.

You made an account with slightly different details but our system detected that there was indeed a similar account.

You claimed no knowledge of this other account, so support gave you the benefit of doubt. You had every chance at this stage to come clean about the phone number at this point but never did.

Once you had won and were ready to cash out you came clean about the phone number and wanted to change this. This is when we found out about the second term being broken:

12. The player is required to provide their complete, current and full personal details, including a phone number where they can be contacted. Incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent information may result in the player’s account being closed and any bonuses and winnings being removed.

You may think that this information is "Floating" but we do not take the same view. We require accurate information for various checks that we make.

bazboy Thailand
posted on November 25, 2014.

The way you make it look is so wrong and even untruthful. You are good at talking because you are probably native english, im not, its hard to argue on a equal level, but i will try.

Quote 1: "You made an account with slightly different details but our system detected that there was indeed a similar account."
-> This is an example of what i mean by the way you argue is unfair and wrong. You say slightly different details when in fact ALL details are different except the adress. My brother played at your casino long time ago, i asked him, so we didnt even use the same IP. The ONLY same detail is the adress, nothing else.

Quote 2: "You claimed no knowledge of this other account, so support gave you the benefit of doubt. You had every chance at this stage to come clean about the phone number at this point but never did. "

This is not true again, after my signup when the livesupport told me that there was an account registered in my adress i first said thats not possible, i never played here, then i asked my brother and he told me he did. So i said that my brother played there long time ago, but he doesnt live with me and my parents anymore, when i told them his name they confirmed that it was his account. It was after that lucky red offered me another bonus and said im good to go.

So i NEVER claimed no knowledge and theres no "benefit of doubt" applying here. I was fully aware of my brother having played there before and lucky red knew that since i told them(again i can post chatlogs). Lucky red was fully aware of all those details while offering me a different bonus after and assuring me im allowed to play.

I agree the fact that i didnt enter my private number to protect myself against spamcalls was my fault, because i havent seen that part in the terms and conditions and i would like to apologize for that and kindly ask you to be flexibile on this.

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards,

posted on November 28, 2014.

Unfortunately the decision has been made and is out of our hands. As we seem to be going round in circles, the only thing that I can suggest that you do is to make contact with the cashier at Lucky Red and ask them to review your case. cashie­[email protected]­uck­yre­dca­sin­

I am not saying they will overturn their original decision but, there is no harm in asking. Due to the time here, cashier will not now be available until Monday, but send in your email and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

Sorry I cannot provide the answer you are seeking.

posted on December 2, 2014.

This complaint is unresolved. We didn't get evidence that this player had a multiple accounts. We recommend to the player to contact a Gambling Commission of Curacao for future assistance.

posted on December 25, 2014.

This complaint has been reopened upon casino's request.
Also we got evidence from a player that account holders are him for one account and his brother for another account. We will give this complaint another chance for successful resolution.

posted on January 1, 2015.

This complaint can't be resolved on our website. We recommend to player to seek further help from Gambling Commission of Curacao.