Lucky Red casino - Voided My winning of $110,000

posted on September 2, 2013.

I have opened an account for Lucky Red Casino as they kept sending me email to do so. I have opened an account made a deposit and claimed the first deposit bonus. After wining up to 100,00 and went down to $50,000 and again won $110,000. Kept asking for withdrawl for four days but they kept telling me we can process $4,000. Now when i wanted all my money they said that i have opened an account in April 2012 so i cant open a new one. I cant remember that i had one, if so why didnt they reject my new account, why did they give me the welcome bonus. Why did it take them 4 days and after wining a big hit they revoke y account although they kept sending me promotions and added to the VIP list. now they have took all my money and want to give it to me.

posted on September 3, 2013.

Unfortunately these winnings all derived from our 400% first deposit offer, and this bonus code was used in breach of our terms of use.

These terms clearly state that the bonus can only be claimed on the first purchase made in the casino and 997turbo has previously deposited back in April 2012.


To address the other points raised, he was able to claim this bonus by creating duplicate accounts and as the win took place late on a Friday night it was not until Monday morning that I contacted him to explain the situation.

posted on September 3, 2013.

They have to take responsibility for this , and not void ally winning like I not human and not using my money to gamble. This is not a decent action, this a robbery an stealing from the players the keep market and advertise to join them. I cannot remember that I do have an account with them or claimed the 400% bonus deposit at 2012. And why did my winnings come from that bonus why not from my deposit it self. If so and have an account, before I made a first deposit and claim my bonus, an after I have registered I have spoken the live chat assistance or inquiry of the bonus, they have asked me security questions to identify me. If that's security and they identified me, how come with those questions they didn't find out I did have an account with them before, isn't that an issue they should concern and someone is using my identity. I have a proof if this chat, I have proof if my account balance all taken a snap shot and sent to my email. This is not a fair call to take the $110,000 for $2000 bonus they have gave me. They could take there bonus and give rest of my money. Leaving me with $0 is disgraceful and dishonest

posted on September 6, 2013.

It remains your responsibility to check terms and conditions before redeeming a bonus.


Given that the terms and conditions clearly state that the bonus can only be claimed on the first purchase, we are left with no choice but to refund your deposit and void the winnings.

These terms are in place to prevent duplicate accounts being created by the same person to redeem this fantastic welcome offer multiple times.

posted on September 10, 2013.

Please show me proof that I have claimed this offer before. This issue should be taken as fault from both side not only me or at you there only to revive deposits and take Our money for your own good. You should take some responsibility. Why ask security questions, isn't purpose of identifying me ? I have contacted you before claiming the bonus and identified my self. You didn't say nothing or mentioned anything about having a duplicate accounts. You should void some of the amount not the whole amount. Yousif that because its a big amount, if you have the decency, and humanity you wouldn't do that. This Assure me an all other players that its blindly to profit Your organization not for both to enjoy and Benefit, you didn't consider us as player m, you only see us as users an numbers nothing more. I want you rethink and put your place in my shoes how Wouk you feel.

posted on September 10, 2013.

Proof of your purchase made in April 2012 on a duplicate account has been sent to your registered email address.

The terms of the LUCKYRED400 offer are clear that: “This offer is valid for first time depositors at the casino”.

It is not possible to validate compliance with terms and conditions for every customer at time of purchase, this is your responsibility.