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Lucky Red Casino - Account closed

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Red Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount $ 1100
Posted on July 17, 2014

I am a danish player who opened an account at Lucky Red casino on the 18.02.2012.

I made a deposit, recieved a bonus which I was lucky enough to play through and I could make a withdrawal of 1.100 dollar.

I send all the needed documentation and by live-chat it was confirmed that I was approved and could make withdrawals.

Howover today on the 27.02.2012 when I would lock into the casino, my account was closed.

I phoned the support team at lucky red, and was told that because there was played from another account than mine, from my IP-adress, they had closed my account. This other account belongs to a family member, who is not registred at my address, and he has opened his account at his own home with his own IP-adress. And he also has been approved by the casino, We just sometimes enjoy playing together.

I find it very strange, that it is not allowed to play at different accounts, from the same IP-adress when thay are not opened in the same household or belongs to the same person or a member of the household, and when we both have been approved at the casino, by sending the requested documentation.

Not ever have I experienced such a behavior from other casinoes I have played in.

I think the problem is, that he also has a withdrawalrequest (won in his own home - not my IP-adress), and I have a withdrawalrequest, and now the casino will not pay out my winnings.

I could understand it, if I had two accounts in the same adress or household, but that is not what this is about.

In lucke reds terms and conditions it states:

14. You are allowed only one active account. Winnings will only be paid to players having one account per household, computer, IP address or business address. If you have more than one account all winnings will be void.

No where does it states that another player can't play from his/hers account from my IP-adress.

We are talking about different accounts, different owners of the accounts and different computers.

So I would like to know if "askgamblers" can help me with this problem.

Posted on February 28, 2012

Regards to your problem I see you have also sent an email in and our security team have acted upon this and reopened your account within 3 hours of receiving your email.

A little bit of patience would be appreciated before such complaints are raised.

As I am sure you can appreciate, the security issue for anything online is of paramount importance to us and from initial investigations your account was flagged for the duplicate account issue. As this was both explained and investigated further it was noted that the second account was what we believe to be your brother in laws.

Closing your account was a precautionary measure until it was investigated fully.

Case closed.

Posted on March 3, 2012

 Is this problem solved, so we can close this complaint?

Posted on March 4, 2012

Well, I'm pleased to inform you that LuckyRed casino has reopened my account and it seems they have approved my withdrawal request. Now I'm just waiting for the money to be transfered to my bankaccount.

I really enjoyed playing at LuckyRed Casino, however the correspondence between the casino and I could have been better.

I still believe they should have informed me by email when they closed my account.

It's a fine casino but I'm still not sure that I will play there again.

I consider the case closed.

Posted on March 5, 2012

 Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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