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Lucky Creek Casino - Not paying my winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Creek Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 12300
chikiwiki United States Message
Posted on July 15, 2014

After a number of small deposits and reversed withdrawal requests ranging from $100-$200 simply because I did not want to deposit my own funds while waiting for Lucky Creek to send me a confirmation (they seem to be slow in processing their withdrawals) for the past two months, I played through my most recent $100 reversed withdrawal in a matter of minutes on September 11 and was so determined to have some play time that I impulsively deposited $20.....and within 5-6 minutes, I had the free spin bonus on the Cash Flow Slots which brought my balance up to about $64.......and a few spins after that, as I wasn't paying much attention as I had at least brought up my balance.....I hit the 5 CASH FLOW SYMBOLS JACKPOT - $81.90 for the spin and $12257.90 for the Jackpot for a total payout of $12,339.86!!! I was so stunned, and then immediately panicked as I wasn't sure if it was real.....I immediately went to the CASHIER and requested a withdrawal of the limit of $10,000.00 which went through and showed in the Statement.......sat there staring at my computer until I realized that I should also request a withdrawal of $2007.00. I decided to try my luck with the rest of the money (about $400) in Lucky Creek and the other casinos in their group but as usual, Lucky Creek was my special "Lucky" Casino.......Knowing that there is a 48hr waiting period until the casinos review any withdrawal requests, and being that their Finance Dept only processed on Mondays and Thursdays, I knew that I would probably have to wait until Friday, September 20th to hear from on the weekend, Sept 14 and 15, I continued to make small deposits to play (thinking that I would get a HUGE return anyway) and when I contacted Live Chat to request for some of the special bonus spins they were offering, was asked why I had been "transferring" my money from one casino to another, and that it "appeared" to him that I was cheating .........which, being that the transferring of any cash funds is allowed in their Cashier menu, and also which I play certain games at certain casinos and if I feel that I'm not doing as well as I usually do, will switch casinos as I please (just as if I would if I was at a live casino in person - I would change seats or machines), and if transferring funds was allowed and clearly stated as "You can transfer funds between any of your accounts within the casino group" in the Cashier/Transfer Menu, and the only thing I had gained was my notion of "good luck" - he kept saying that he was reviewing my statement and that I must be cheating - I asked him flat out that if I had not transferred my funds and had played in only one casino, the outcome would have been the same based on the spins and payouts, and that the huge jackpot was won by NON-TRANSFERRED FUNDS as it was just PLAIN LUCK (as all winnings are) - I then told him that I expected some resistance as this was my first withdrawal from Lucky Creek and that YES, IT WAS HUGE......he said that I would be hearing from the Finance Dept and that they would probably deny my winnings and ask that I not play there anymore, or perhaps pay me a token $100 as "good faith"..............I checked on September 20th and saw that nothing had been done to my requests, and no emails had been sent (if they had called, I would have refused to answer as I now want written correspondence for records), so I went ahead and reversed the withdrawals, played with some of the money, and won an additional $1000. Will wait until next Friday, Sept 27th, but I don't think I'll get an answer or get paid.

Posted on September 24, 2013

Dear AskGamblers and chikiwiki,

We are pleased to advise that the withdrawal is being processed.

The Casino support Team have attempted to contact the player to advise that is is currently being processed.

Chikwiki please check your emails and also expect a telephone call this evening to confirm this. All the necessary information will be detailed in that email as well as in the follow-up telephone call.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind regards

< name removed >

Genesys Club - Senior Host

suppor­[email protected]­uck­ycr­

chikiwiki United States Message
Posted on September 26, 2013

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you again for your website - this second time that I have received an immediate response from the casinos after I have filed a complaint with proves that your service is indeed worthy and that you are one of the few trusted and effective gaming sites. I did receive an email from Lucky Creek confirming my winnings - I'm pretty sure they would not send me an email and also post on your site and not honor it, so again...THANK YOU!!

Posted on September 30, 2013

Dear Chikwiki,

We are happy to hear your query has been resolved.

Kind regards

< name removed >

Genesys Club - Senior Host

Posted on October 12, 2013

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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