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Lucky Creek Casino - Uses 'unfavorable list' as reason to not pay winner

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Creek Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 120
Posted on January 27, 2020

I am just amazed at how flagrantly lucky Creek casino is going to any length to not pay up on a no deposit bonus I played upon signing up! Not only did I crush the terms and conditions they have on the no deposit bonus they gave me , I was at around 5 or 6 hundred at the time of my first attempt to cash out. At the cashier's I was told I needed to forfeit the current bonus I was using in order to cash out ,so I did and the money in my account was reduced to $198. I then was told by customer service I would need to refund the $99 the no deposit bonus was worth which now would leave me with $99 .my first thought was what about the 3 or 4 hundred I lost when I agreed to drop the current bonus? But $99 free bucks is pretty cool so I well ,so I agree and try cashing out $99. Well wouldn't u know it but their min. Cahout is $100. So I'm directed to deposit $20 the min. deposit they require in order to be able to withdraw the $99 because now I would be over the $100 min. Something didn't feel right and I decided I was gonna have to think on whether or not I really trust this place to give up my card info so I thought on it for a couple weeks during which I would check on my account balance I had with them which showed I had $198. I also started researching them by reading reviews and complaints from other people. The most frequent complaint I came across was that lucky Creek casino wasn't paying there winners. Then I read they had been operating without a licence but now had corrected the problem and was paying their winning customers so I went back to their cashier and I decided to give them my card info and entered ok to deposit $20 into my account.everything was fine they recorded my card info and registered it with their casino and it was all good. But then I was notified that my deposit of $20 was declined and no reason was given. I then went to their online customer support to find out what the issue was because I knew my card was good and had plenty of money on it so I couldn't think of what could be the problem. This is when I was told now by their support advisor that I wouldn't be able to make a deposit or withdraw my winnings because my name had come up on a unfavorable list so my account with them would be locked and I would no longer be allowed on their site. I was so confused I seriously have never done anything wrong on any website or anywhere else for that matter to be put on some bad list and that's beside the point what does a name on some other places list have to do with them paying me? I mean it isn't their list. I kept my composure and politely asked what the reason was I was put on this unfavorable list and the response was they were not at liberty to tell me. How confident of them to not be at librety to tell me why I couldn't be paid $99 free bucks and by the way when I had talked to customer support just a day before to get the information on what all I would need to show them in order to verify who I was to be able to withdraw money and at no time did this support person mention anything about a unfavorable list I was on and I know the advisor looked up my account because they told me they did at the start of the conversation.So pretty weird that just under 24 hours later I had somehow landed on a list that they would use against me to not pay up. So now I'm just so angry because I feel like theirs nothing I can do!! I can't even get on their website anymore to try talking to them and I also feel like they really were banking on me to play more instead of cashing out right away. I really feel like they only want players that have no control on their gambling habits and didn't like the fact that I was trying to withdraw all my winnings instead of playing more.I really like that their so on their moral high horse that if your on some other places bad list that they would not say why I was on it and what about it made them decide they couldn't pay up. I mean isn't this the same casino that was just operating without a licence? Please help me at this point it's not about the money it's most definitely about principle!!! If you feel your opinion of some unfavorable list is so high that you would use it as a reason to not pay a customer their rightful winnings then you would think they would have no problem telling the patron what the list name is or who put the name into this list or where someone could go to find this list so the person can view it themselves or protest the reason that might be on the list. It's just bogus and I want answers and my name restored to what I am , an honest and respectful man with integrity!!!!please help your my only hope!

Posted on March 3, 2020

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

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