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Lucky247 Casino - Bonus not given as promised, extremely poor service

xxshepxx United Kingdom
posted on May 11, 2015.

I joined lucky247 back in 2012 when it first opened, and had till recent developments with the UK market overlooked them in terms of depositing,

I decided last week to take them up on a first deposit offer they emailed me, 100% deposit match and 50f/s on game of thrones.

The deposit had to be at least £20, so I went ahead and deposited £30 and that was matched and made up to £60

I played for around 15 minutes and it was gone, oh well I though at least I still have my 50f/s

I tried both 15line and 243way versions of the slot and no freespins were awarded, so I contacted live chat,

This is where it got bad.

They advised me I used the welcome bonus back in 2012, but I had never made a deposit, so unsure how I managed to claim a welcome bonus, If I remember correctly they were giving out no deposit freespins to people who joined at the time.

Secondly, when I decided a few week ago to give them a try, I had a look on the caino;s homepage, and decided to download the Viper Client, which I did,upon logging in it said I was awarded 10spins for downloading the client,

Happy days. But I was told on live chat that THIS was my welcome bonus...? I hadn't even made a deposit yet, everybody knows a deposit is required to claim a deposit bonus,.

ANyway it's besides the point, as I received the email later in the week to make my first deposit, and I would get the aforementioned 100% and 50f/s

The vibe I was getting from live chat was that they did not want to credit the spins, and they were trawling my account to find any excuse not to give them,

At this point I was in the middle of typing a message and the chat agent cut off the chat, stating I had not replied in so long, although I think at most it would have been 15seconds, Just more the point was that they didn't want to deal with it.

I wrote and e-mail to support, and never received a reply.

So I decided to let it settle as it was making me angry they way Live Chat was talking to me and trying to make out I was lying even after pasting the contents of the email to them in chat.

SO yesterday I went back on to tackle them again, Live chat was no help whatsoever, came out with the same excuses, that I had used the spins in 2012 (without a deposit)

If and it's a very big IF this was the case, why would they be sending me e-mails to make my first deposit and claim these bonuses?

So Yesterday I sent ANOTHER e-mail to support on request of the live chat agent who said someone would deal with it on Monday.

SO today I decided to log in to the download client to see if there was anything going on and my account has now been deactivated??

No e-mail reply, no email at all from lucky247 in my inbox, but my account has been deactived and coincidence that live chat isnt working? it claims all representatives are busy.

I for one will NEVER make a deposit here again, Lucky247 is a complete shambles and I've been put from pilar to post over the past 5days and got nowhere.

I have sent one more e-mail to support to ask why my account was deactivated but going on previous requests I don't hold out any hope of receiving a reply.

posted on May 8, 2015.

hi there,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make contact with you and resolve your query.

Lucky247 Casino Support

xxshepxx United Kingdom
posted on May 10, 2015.

My Problems at Lucky247 were solved by a very friendly member of staff who called me to discuss the matter.

I would still say the staff on live chat need some guidance as to how to treat & speak to customers, but i can't fault their resolution.

Case closed :)

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