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Lotus Asia Casino sent me an unusable check

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lotus Asia Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1869
Posted on May 18, 2015

I made a withdrawal from Lotus Asia Casino on April 19th. All documentation for verification UPDATES (been playing there for a bit) were submitted by Monday. I was told the payout was issued on April 23rd. I waited and waited. I questioned them for a tracking number because it had been a long time. I finally received an email on May 4th, providing a tracking number and an apology because they had JUST then sent out the payment via check to me on that day. I had to withdraw using a check because the only other option was payment to a Visa card, which I do not use (I have prepaid or MasterCard). I got the check on May 8th and deposited it into my checking account. The bank rejected the check stating it was fraudulent. I'm not sure if it was the bank or the casino but I have cashed in overseas checks with that bank before (with other casinos) and no issue. I contacted Lotus Asia Monday and talked to Jeremy. He told me someone would call me the next day. No one called. I called back and talked to Lisa. She told me they would put a stop payment on the check and asked for the check itself to be in my hands and be torn into. I had to go to the bank and get the check itself (NOT easy) and tore it into and sent that picture. I was told then that the canceled check usually takes one to five days to be resolved but with the photo of the check, it would be expedited. Every day since, I've gotten nothing but excuses. They have received no word on if the check has been canceled. They won't issue my payout (to my MasterCard that they agreed to do, after all this) until this canceled check thing has been resolved. They asked me for my FULL MasterCard details so they could send the money to the card. That was super uncomfortable. It is now Friday (May 15th) and no end in sight! I will enclose their emails to me, and my pictures. Please help! I believe they are stalling and may not even be trying to pay me! The payout they owe me is $1869.

Posted on May 20, 2015

Still no payout received and it has been a month since it was withdrawn.

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