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FortuneJack Casino - Lost funds and bonus spins

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Disputed casino FortuneJack Casino
Reason Missing Funds
Inactive user
Posted on November 3, 2016

Hi I was awarded 30 free spins because of an email I recieved stating I'd achieved a special VIP level and would be given free spins and many other perks including 41% min from affiliates ( which would've made me 70 Mbtc in October) but fortunejack never followed through and I was never given anything. So recently I brought this to their attention and they settled it by crediting me 30 spins at .00015 (4.5 Mbtc). But my complaint is about what occurred during my playing of these 30 spins. The game was African sunset a game art game and on my 12 th spin I hit the 15 free spin bonus. After the first 5 of these 15 additional free spins I had accumulated 7 Mbtc from just the 5 spins alone. This is when the game froze and crashed and reloaded. Once the game had reloaded it went into this replay mode where I had no control over anythint and it has gone back to a couple spins before i hit the 15 spin bonus and then replayed the video of me playing those spins out, I had no control over clicking spin or stop but the game was doing it exactally as I had when I was doing it the first time and landed exactally as I had. But then each time it got to the exact spin it crashed the first time it would again and it repeated this cycle 3 times. On the 4th time it had gone back to the same point as always except this time the replay never initiated and I was back at spins 6 and all the progress I had made had been lost, the 15 extra spins from hitting the bonus and the 7 Mbtc I won during the time aswell. I tried playing a few spins thinking it would all add back together but after 4 or 5 spins I noticed that I was being charged and that my account balance had been going down even tho i still had many of the 30 free spins left. So I left the game and with the few Mbtc I had played a few hands of blackjack until my balance reached .01 and then i requested a withdraw. I withdrew my entire balance but then about an hour later I reopen the African sunset game and as soon as I did it said congradulaions you have 18 free spins, which were the 18 still left from my original 30..
I'll provide the screen shots that prove this glitch on either fortunejack or game arts end where you'll clearly be able to see that 10 spins into my 30 free spins my history says "to game art" because I was being charged.. And then after my withdraw you'll be able to see my account rise from 0 with some "from game art" transactions. And obviously it's impossible to pay for spins when your only 10 into a 30 free session so that proves the glitch. Unfortunely I can prove what was accomplished during the lost spins from my accounts transaction history but hopefully game art will be able to but I'd be suprised because on my end it was like they had never happened after the glitch occurred.

So the purpose of this complaint is to get back the 7mbtc and 10 remaining bonus spins I had won.


Inactive user
Posted on November 3, 2016

This photo of my affiliates account alone shows I'm owed over .696 btc

Inactive user
Posted on November 4, 2016

I found a more detailed explination of the rewards I earned through my deposits and play but was never credited for. Once FJ responded to my tickets revolving around these rewards or more accurately the lack there of theses rewards, their response was that they couldn't anymore because the games changed. But it's just not true every game listed is still just how it was and has been this whole time. It even goes into specifics of the prices so I can't think of any reasons they'd be able to claim as to why they can't just give me what i earned. I even said from the start all i was concerned about and interested in were the free spins, and the 41% affiliates min. And I'd still take that now and not care about the other items. But being credited 30 spins at .00015 at a total value of .0045 in exchange for the .69 i should have from affiliates + the .250 from the 10 spins, a difference in value of .935 of what I was offered and then achieved by losing thousands of dollars at Fortune Jack, to what they claimed as fair compensation. (Because the games changed with is just as false as their claim of a fair compensation)

Posted on November 6, 2016


First of all, we would like to emphasize that the offer you received is dated from March, as can be seen on the screenshot and you only responded in October. You were explained that multiple updates were made and that the offer given to you was no longer available in October. Also, VIP membership criteria has changed since, and you were no longer qualified for status as you did not accept our offer when it was made.

Later, you requested 50 free spins as a compensation for the disappointment, we decided to credit you with 30 free spins to which you seemed very unsatisfied, but you did use them anyway. While playing with free spins credited, you faced an issue due to glitch of the game, and after the thorough investigation with GameArt provider (screenshot attached), you were compensated 100 mBTC instead of 0.15mBTC, which you deserved in reality.

You were very happy and grateful (see screenshot attached) and we asked you to remove the complaint from AskGamblers to avoid complications, to which your answer was that you would do so if we credited two of your other accounts (on which you claimed that were your friends accounts) with free spins.

We previously credited multiple of your accounts with free spins, while users are eligible for free spins only once per offer (Terms and Conditions Act 9.2). But, you continued creating new accounts and abused the bonus multiple times.

Already aware of the fact that you would not receive the free spins again, as it was violation and abuse of promotions T&C, you contacted us from other accounts anyway, insisting on free spins credit. Based on the promotions T&C, we do have right to neglect any promotions offering based on FortuneJack's Promotions T&C:

"Fortunejack reserves the right to exclude players from any and all promotions if we have reason to believe they are abusing bonus offer."

You received free spins on at least 5 accounts in total. Please see the attached screenshot for the list of your accounts on FortuneJack, and together with it, please review FortuneJack terms and conditions act 9.2.

Based on screenshots and explanations provided, we claim this complaint to be inadequate and based on abuse of FortuneJacks’ T&C, therefore, we ask AskGamblers to remove it.

Best Regards,
FortuneJack Team

Posted on November 7, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information from the casino management which they stated above to confirm the fact that casino acted in a good faith and compensate to the player regarding software glitch. A player obviously didn't act a good faith and was, in fact, trying to abuse a bonus policy of the casino.

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards player trying to play unfair and that is why this case is being rejected and player's account is being suspended for an indefinite period of time.

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