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LeoVegas Casino - Unfair account closure and race suspension

SweFjorod Sweden
posted on June 24, 2018.

So, this whole mess started with a user on wrote a message that he had hit rock bottom, he had gambling problems and had spent his entire sallery on online gaming in 1.5 days. So as a former problem gambler I instantly replied to his post and wrote him a PM that I would like to offer my help with his gambling problems.

The day after that I allso wrote a post on said forum about my history, that 20+ years ago I had a severe gambling problem. I did everything and anything (more or less) to get money to finance my gambling problems (online gambling didn't exist back then). And I wrote abit on how I manged to get rid of my problem by going to GA (annonymous gamblers) meetings and talking to everyone about it.

As gambling addiction is a behavior addiction and not a chemical one, you can with help get totaly free from your addiction. And I wanted to share my experience and help other that might be in the seat I was 20+ years ago.However, LeoVegas read my posts and turned my words around and only saw that yes, here is a person with gambling problems, that is a someone we can't have as a customer due to our MGA license.

I had been a customer on LeoVegas for 5 years, and during those 5 years I had withdrawn more money than I have deposited.
Deposits: 106.894,00 SEK
Withdraws: 116.481,92 SEK
So if we devide the sum of deposits over the 60 months I've been a member there it's ~1782 SEK / month
And if we devide the sum of withdraws over the 60 months it's ~1941 SEK / month.
So over a 60 month period I'm win around 160 SEK / month.
And as a former problem gambler I know that back in the days that would NEVER happend, if I would win, I would gamble it away the day after.

However, I've reached out to LeoVegas and tried to talk to them but they just turn a deaf ear saying that the decition has been made and it won't be overturned. They take RG seriously and due to their MGA license they had to shut down my account. So I turned to MGA and filed a complain there to ask them for help, but LeoVegas didn't break any law when closing my acccount and according to their rule 2.1.9 in their terms and condition :
‘2.1.9 LeoVegas may at its own discretion and without having to provide any justification, refuse to open an account or close an existing account.’
They are in their right to do so for whatever reason, they allso told me that there was no reason to shut down my account due to my previous gambling problems and don't see why they would do it for that reason, however they are in their right to shut down any account they like for no reason at all with their terms and condition.

However, they held a competion with and Authentic gaming where they where going to hand out 2 prices, both where a trip for 2 persons to USA, hotel, accomidations, 5000 SEK in spending money and a bunch of events to attend to. Each price where valued at about 50.000 SEK.The competition had ended and it was just the drawing left, and because of the lack of participants I had a extremly high chanse to win one of the trips, but the same day as the drawing they decided to close my account and remove me from the closed competition and rob me of my chanse to win a price because the win was bad for me (they told me so over the phone) as the price was going to mainly a casino in the USA and they didn't want to put me in such a stressfull situation with my previous gambling problems (that I had 20+ years ago).

I make this complaint as to try to open a dialoge with LeoVegas as the chat just closes the chat when I try to talk to them. I would like to have my account reopened again as LeoVegas is basicly the only casino I play on. I would allso like to have some compensation for the competition that I think they wrongfully removed me from. I had 10 tickets for the draw, when my tickets was removed there was less than 70 tickets left in the draw, so I had about 10/80 + 10/70 chanse to win the trip (when one person won their other tickets where invalid. That was ~30% chanse of me winning one of the 2 major prices (they allso drew some minor ones)

SweFjorod Sweden
posted on June 24, 2018.

And here is a copy of the mail I recieved from MGA.

posted on June 25, 2018.

Based on the fact that player himself admitted that MGA ruled in the casino's favor, and since the MGA is the official regulatory body whose decisions are of the highest priority when it comes to complaints related matters referring to LeoVegas casino, AskGamblers Complaint Team has no other option but to mark this case as resolved in casino's favor as well.

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