Boyle Casino - Changing Christmas Promotion terms retrospectively

tyberone1983 United Kingdom
posted on January 11, 2016.

on the 26th dec i saw an offer on boylesports casino which read stake £1000 on any slot or combination of slots and receive £100 back i decided that the terms were fair enough and that i would enter the promotion so i opted in and staked my £1000 some time after, just before the refund was due i discovered that the terms had been changed, at the time i feared they may have been changed before or during my play, i have since discovered that in fact they did not change untill 11am on the 27th with me having completed my participation on the 26th by approx 13.30, so no problem, or so i thought, however it seems boylesports have decided that is there right to retrospectively change terms as it was a "mistake" i have spoken on live chat a couple of times and once on the phone, pointing out that if they made a mistake that would mean i was mislead and therefore, the mistake would no doubt have a detrimental affect on my decision making, had i been in any way shape or form been aware that there was a mistake i assure you i would have declined the offer at the correct/revised terms, it is of grave concern to me that any supposed reputable company could behave in such a blatantly illegal manner, it really doesn,t take a genius to work out there is no fairness in the way they are conducting business here i pointed this out to them and was, then strangely informed that it was irrelevant anyway as i didnt opt i assured them i had, they just said prove it i sent them a screenshot of the opt in page but unfortunately the fact it wasnt time stamped meant conveniently, for them at least that they didnt have to pay i am absolutely certain firstly that i did opt in and secondly that this was just another ploy to fob me off, i have tonight learned through twitter that some are being paid and some are still being fobbed off, all presumably like me with a cast iron case, i really cant believe how badly boylesports have handled this situation, if there was a decent regulatory body a huge fine would be a minimum that should be imposed, however it seems that there is not one so i find myself , desperately coming to you to try to mediate on my behalf with this vile company who appear to believe that fraudulent practice is perfectly acceptable behavior, i for one will not accept this i would be very grateful if you could investigate this matter on my behalf, yours sincerely jake kaufman

posted on January 16, 2016.

Dear @tyberone1983,

Are there any updates regarding your complaint? Thank you.

posted on January 18, 2016.

We been informed by casino management that issue with a Christmas bonus promotion is presented in front of official regulatory body of Boyle Casino. We consider this complaint unresolved until casino send to AskGamblers Complaint Team a decision of the regulatory body.