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King Billy Casino - Accused of duplicated account without any proof to back it up

Complaint Info
Disputed casino King Billy Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on September 30, 2019

My name is Pedro, i am here today to describe the issue i have been having with King Billy CASINO

--------- PROBLEM ----------
*King Billy Casino has confiscated all my gains of 1.650USD, accusing me of duplicated accounts and bonus abuse
*King Billy has provided NO PROOF of the accusation and has simply confiscated my gains of 1.650USD
*Every time King Billy support is asked to provied information they ignore me or give me a copy/paste answer of their rules about duplicate accounts and bonus abuses
*King Billy doesn't facilitate the direct contact with them, the only way i can actually talk with them is by live support or email(waiting 1-2 days for each of their answers)
*King Billy won't put me in direct contact with the financial department to see where is the problem or what is actually happening, neither will they answer the phone of their office
*King Billy has allowed me to withdrawl back my initial deposit of 350USD without even veryfing my account(which seems fishy for me)

---------- INTRODUCTION -----------
My first contact with them was at the 24th of september 2019, 2 days ago.
At the 24th of september i have already all the documents necessary to verify my account, as i am a regular player at N1 Casino and LaddyHammer. They are still pending.
After send my documents, i have done my first deposit with the welcome bonus, the amount of the deposit was of 250USD, which i lost wagering.
At the 25th of september i have done a second deposit aswell with the welcome bonus for the second deposit. Which i have completed the wager and finished my gaming with 2.000USD, this deposit was of 350USD.
I have streamed it all at my twitch channel, since the deposit until the moment i ask the withdrawl.
This morning i have waken up with my account showing a balance of 350USD, which is the value of my second deposit that i have completed the wager.
After contacting King Billy CASINO by the live support, as they wouldn't put me in contact with the financial by any ways, neither answer the phone of their office. I have been told that my gains were CONFISCATED, because they i have duplicated accounts and have abused the bonuses. Which is simply not true, and i can prove, different than them since every time i have asked them a proof showing that i actually have duplicated accounts they have straight up ignored me, IGNORED, absolutely no answers, besides one by email saying that "We don't need to provide this information as you have access to both accounts".
All my transactions from skill comes and goes to ONLY ONE place, the email registered at skrill, and my bank account in switzerland.
Different than them, i have showed nothing different than disposition to solve it in a good way. But KING BILLY CASINO treat me like nothing, simply not proving ANY KIND of proof to what they say.
Is this even real life? 2019 and people can simply come with whatever they want and confiscate your gains?

--------- FACTS ----------
* I have tried to solve it nicely but their support is simply awful
* I have never made any other deposits than these two showing at my account registered under pedro.m­az­[email protected]­hot­mai­
* I can proof i do not have duplicated accounts
* King Billy rejects theirselves to send ANY KIND of PROOF to back up what they are accusing me for
* King Billy dificultates the direct contact with their company, giving you only the option to talk directly with the live support. They won't put you in contact with their "financial department", neitheir answer the phone of their office.
* My transactions from skrill goes only to this same email and to my swiss bank account
* I am a regular player at N1 CASINO, LADDY HAMMER. Never had any problems, went to play at king billy because they have good bonuses with lower wager and they accuse me of something not showing any proof to back up that.
* It's all recorded in my twitch channel. 9h to complete the wager, straight.
* They gave me back my initial deposit of 350USD even though they haven't verified my account. And confiscated my gains of 1.650USD without any proof to back up what i am being accused of.
* Taking a little look at the complaints on King Billy CASINO made here in askgamblers, you can see they are the type of company that are always looking for an excuse to difficultate withdrawls and such.

I can give pictures of whatever is needed for to solve this.

Posted on September 30, 2019

Here it's a perfect example of another casino trying to do what King Billy is trying to do with me right now.


Posted on October 1, 2019

Dear AskGamblers, Dear Pedro,

duplicate accounts is a T&C breach in every casino, and we are sure that Pedro knows this, since he is a veteran of, at least, 2 more casinos.

Furthermore, the King Billy Casino policy is never to disclose duplicate accounts information to our players. We are sorry, but we cannot do this, due to safety reasons. If we did it, we would be breaching every confidentiality and trust rule.

Having said this, we do not question Pedro's statement that he, himself, has never made another account with us. But, unfortunately it is not the first time that a duplicate account may have been made without the player's knowledge.

We are really sorry that this has happened to Pedro, but rules are rules.

Dear AskGamblers, documentation of the above will be sent to you by our Agents. After examining it, we would like to have this complaint closed in our favor.

Thank you,

The King Billy Casino Team

Posted on October 1, 2019

This is my main email. If i have had any other account, i would have known at the date i have created my account at your casino.
You can see all the deposits made at your casino from my account, they are two. I can show to you all my transactions from skrill and you will see there is no deposit made no ANY other casino of your company.
I am not a veteran, but i ain't dumb aswell. N1 Casino and Laddy Hammer are from the same company, for example, i play at both and it doesn't mean i have duplicated accounts.
I haven't abused your bonuses, neither do i have duplicated accounts.
I live only with my girlfriend, she doesn't plays casino at all. We have two computers at the house, my main pc that i use to stream and etc and hers laptop, which i use to play sometimes WITH THE SAME ACCOUNT.
Your argument is beyond absurd, if we go to court it would never hold and it's the first thing judge will ask.
As i said, i am more than willing to prove i do not have any duplicated accounts neither abused of your bonuses. Just ask what you need, or proof what you are accusing me of

Posted on October 1, 2019

And no. I can't understand that you can't provide proof to back up something you accuse someone of. Your argument is beyond ridiculous for me.
If i have had created other accounts at your casino i would know at the moment i have created this account, because it would point out i already have one account. At the moment you accused me, i even went to my bonus history page to check it out as you guys have free spins no deposit bonus, but as you can check on my account even this bonus isn't applied, the only two bonuses applied are over my two deposit, which is the welcome bonuses.

Posted on October 1, 2019

How can a player have duplicated accounts and not know it?
I have emails of your support answering me that they wouldn't give any information about it as i had access so it would make no sense to give such information. And now you come with an excuse of trust policy. Look, the problem is about me, you ain't breaking nothing. Just proving out your point.

Posted on October 3, 2019

I kindly ask to ASKGAMBLERS to take a proper look into my case, which if you do i am sure you will realize what is happening here and give me the upperhand on that.
King Billy's financial support should know that from time to time the IP changes, of everyone(not including companies or people who has a specific reason to make a contract with fixed IP, which is not my case). That is why i say that their argument is beyond absurd for me, as if they take a proper look they will realize that no deposits were made from my account to another registered account in their casino, I can even give you my credit card number if you wanna check if there are any transactions related to you. As i have stated plenty of times, i have only one email to handle my finances online. That includes even binary options/forex.
For further information, i invite King Billy themselves to call for UPC Switzerland, which is my provider even though they should know it. And talk themselves with them about is happening.

Posted on October 3, 2019

Dear AskGamblers, dear Pedro,

Please see below the specific King Billy term & condition which pertains to this case:

"10.2.2 You have the right to use only one account. One account per a residence address, an IP address, a PC. If You register more than one member account, all Your accounts can be suspended or deleted, and all bets can be void. Besides, Your winnings and bonuses that You received or accumulated during the period of use of several member accounts can be void as well. "

Thank you for your understanding and your collaboration.

The King Billy Casino Team

Posted on October 3, 2019

Yes. And as i have stated plenty of times. I haven't had any other accounts created before at your casino. Just the one registered at this same email.
I have played in the same account from two different computers which are connected to the same internet.

Posted on October 7, 2019

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf King Billy Casino management in regards of this complaint to confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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