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Casino Cruise - Deposited loads and lost only to be told by EveryMatrix that I was previously Self Excluded in another brand

posted on June 6, 2016.

Hi, i only came across this site yesterday as never had a problem with a gaming company before, as usually stick to the main ones advertised on TV. So, please forgive me if I am a bit of a novice and not using the correct wording etc.

Anyway Saturday I joined Casino Cruise, deposited 5 times I think, and then deposited the next morning, but still lost. Early Sunday evening I had an email from EveryMatrix stating 'You have recently attempted to register a gaming account on Our system has detected that you have previously opted to exclude on a website managed and operated by EveryMatrix. etc.

It turns out I had joined Jetbull last year, and after spending loads with no return I self excluded from there. I 100% understand that it was my choice to open an account and deposit numerous times with CasinoCruise, however if this is there policy about 'group' self exclusion, then I SHOULD NOT have been able to open the account in the first place! I, as always, used the same details - email address, name, phone number, dob, address etc, so havent lied to try and 'slip through their net'. I'm really angry about this as obviously it was a lose lose situation for me from the start - If I would have won and tried to withdraw, then they would have refused to pay. I know that before when I have tried to open an account (I think it was with Corals..?) that I'd self excluded from Gala as spent far too much, and it came up straight away that I had excluded from a 'sister' site and could not open an account. There system is obvlously 'detecting' players when suits them - either AFTER letting players deposit, deposit deposit and lose. Or suddenly they detect it when a player tries to withdraw.

I have contacted CasinoCruise, but they have just replied saying they have forwarded my email to EveryMatrix!

Can any members please help, or advise if this has happened to them and if I should contact the UK/Malta Gambling Commissions.

Thanks in advance

posted on June 9, 2016.

Dear Kezzah,

I have been informed by our Customer Support that they are in contact with you regarding this matter. Our VIP Manager contacted you today. We understand that he apologized for the level of service you received and explained the terms of our license with Every Matrix. We also believe that he gave you a firm undertaking to get in touch with them (Every Matrix) so that we can reach a speedy resolution.

Kind Regards,

Casino Cruise

posted on June 9, 2016.

Hi, these are the responses I have received:

Dear XXXX,

I advice you to contact Every Matrix in this matter, you can tell them about your issue.
They only are connected to the other Casinos and we have no connection to those at all.

Best Regards,
Michael Schreiber
VIP Manager
[email protected]

This is from EveryMatrix:

Dear XXXX,

I have attached our Complaints procedure. It includes the contact information for Ecogra. You can forward the case to them for an additional review if you are unhappy with our response.

Yours Sincerely,
Everymatrix Complaints Team

And this one:

Dear XXXX,

Unfortunately we will be unable to provide you with a refund by virtue of the following clause in the terms and conditions you have accepted when registering your account:

“Should you self-exclude from at least one of the websites managed and operated by us and afterwards, during the applicable self-exclusion period, succeed in opening an account, depositing and playing on another website managed by us, your deposited amounts and your subsequent winnings, if any, shall be forfeited by you, retained by us and you agree to waive any and all claims relating to the respective amounts.”

Kindly visit Terms and Conditions for more information about how we treat self-exclusions.

Yours Sincerely,

EveryMatrix Complaints Team

I am really annoyed to be honest as I had no idea that Jetbull who I had self excluded from in December 2015 were part of the same company as Casino Cruise. Surely with todays software etc as all my details are EXACTLY the same, my account should not have been opened, and these match of details would have detected on account opening. It seems like a perfect excuse for them. I am definitely going to take this further though, otherwise EveryMatrix are going to keep doing this to people.

posted on June 13, 2016.

AskGamblers Complaint Team considers that Casino Cruise casino acted accordingly UKGC self-exclusion policy. Upon UKGC guidelines: http:/­/ww­w.g­amb­lin­gco­mmi­ssi­on.g­­/FA­Qs/­Pro­ble­m-g­amb­lin­g/C­an-­I-g­et-­my-­mon­ey-­bac­k.aspx

"We are not able to help you to get back any money lost during a breach of a self-exclusion agreement.
The success of self-exclusion relies to a very large degree on the extent to which a problem gambler is committed to managing his or her behaviour. There would be a perverse incentive to gamble if those successfully breaching a self-exclusion agreement could expect to be refunded stakes they have lost.
This principle of the primary responsibility lying with the gambler, and not the operator, has been tested in successive court cases."

We consider this complaint Resolved and we recommend to the player seek further assistance from UKGC directly as they are the ones who can help officially on this matter.