Jackpot Grand Casino - Not Willing To Pay Me?!

posted on April 1, 2014.

I made a deposit to this casino and won over $15,000, when it came time to cash out I was told I needed to have a faxback form completed. After sending all of my information in they denied the form and told me I needed to contact my bank to prove one of the cards I used was indeed mine (I was the owner of the card). I sent the information in and never heard anything else from them. I contacted customer service VIA live chat and was told it takes three days to approve a faxback form. I waited 7 days, nothing happened. Sent emails that no one never answered. I waited 14 days and did not hear anything. I started to research the casino and found only bad reviews. Contacted live support and told them of the reviews and that all of the reviews say Jackpot Grand Casino is a scam casino that does not pay their patrons and she assured me that was not true. She said it take 3 days to approve a faxback form and send the information to Britney@jackpot and she would transfer it to Eli in the finance department to make sure he got it. She told me that the casino business days are Monday to Thursday, well gosh that is 4 days. I called the casino personally and got the same run around. After waiting and never hearing anything back from them, I sent customer service, Britney, and Eli an email telling them what I thought of Jackpot Grand Casino. I requested they close my account and let them know that I will never play at their casino again. They closed my account so fast it made my head spin. I never received an email back from them. Do not deposit money to this casino because if you win, you will never get your winnings. Research Jackpot Grand Casino, you will not find one good review. Jackpot Grand Casino Sucks.

posted on April 7, 2014.


Please send me your username so Ill check into this.

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