Jackpot Grand Casino does not pay the prize

posted on April 23, 2013.

Good afternoon. My name is Andryushchenko Oleksiy Viktorovich. Please understand and help solve the problems that arose between me and the casino "Jackpot grand".

At the end of 2012 the casino has announced no deposit bonus for new casino players. I checked into the casino, took account Aleksey2013 and participated. I fulfilled all the requirements of the bonus and won $ 260. I wanted to withdraw money to your bank account. Addressed to the casino, I was told that I should make a deposit to $ 21, send a fax-Beck form a photocopy of the passport, certificates confirming my identity and place of residence. I fulfilled all the conditions for withdrawal, made a deposit with your bank account, deposit with the card. Casino money received, the documents confirmed. But the money has not paid me. I wrote that to pay the money into my bank account can not. Can only neteller, the account of which I will provide. I gave an account of his bride, and made another deposit of $ 21 from this account to my registered account. The casino manager a month later said that the casino will not pay money to my account with no name. By the time I moved to another city for work. I registered an account in his own name and appointed withdrawal $ 292 on this account. Casino stopped responding to my emails, I decided to contact the manager of the casino with live communication. The manager told me that money is no one I would not pay that to answer my questions and will not be disconnected. I wrote three letters to the address casino. All my letters went unanswered.

I ask you to help restore justice. Speak in our arbitration dispute. And to help get me honestly won the money. Obtaining payment of the casino me money in the amount of $ 292 in my bank account, from which I made a deposit.

Thank you in advance for your help. I hope for a quick response to the letter, and the understanding of the situation

Kind regards O. Andryushchenko

posted on March 13, 2014.

Hi Aleksey,

is this issue still open?

If its the case please let me know and also inform the username at Jackpot Grand.

Best regards