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Indio Casino - Issue with withdrawal request

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Indio Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount ₹ 30000
Posted on March 21, 2018

My Indio casino user id is ICR91901012. On 10 March 2018 I placed an withdrawal request of INR 30000. The casino acknowledged my withdrawal request via email. But although as per their declared policy, the maximum time frame for an withdrawal request to be processed is three working days, the above request is still pending as on date of writing this complaint , i.e 19 March 2018.
In between I have contacted them via online chat, telephone and email numerous time requesting them to process my withdrawal request but to no result. Each and every time I have been told that their finance team is working on that matter. They even did not tell me what might be the problem. As my account is a completely verified one and my identity, address and payment method as well as my Neteller account is also duly verified by them already, I cannot understand the reason of this delay. And except giving me verbal assurances, they are not even providing me with any more details regarding the matter. This morning upon contacting them over phone again, I was told a new thing...they told that " Our finance team is not available right now. That is why we are sorry that we cannot provide you with any update regarding the issue right now." And one more thing is that they are not responding to my emails even. The last mail I received from them was on 13 May 2018. After that, although I have written more than one mails to them, they have not answered any of them.

So far, although extremely annoyed, I have never used any unparl­iam­ent­ary­/ab­usi­ve/­ind­ecent language while communicating with them both verbally and in writing. This is for your information. You can verify with them. I don't want any confrontation or dispute with the casino. I just want my money and that too, amicably.

As far as proofs are concerned, I can't furnish you with the chat messages as that is not feasible. I could not chat and take screenshots simultaneously. Also I cannot provide you with my telephonic conversations with them as I have not recorded the calls. But I can give you some screen shots of my email communications with them and also a screenshot showing my withdrawal request is still now pending with them.

Above I have tried to state my issue as clearly and elaborately as possible. I need your help in this matter. So please accept my complaint. If anything else/more is required, let me know. But please try to make them give me my money.

Posted on March 21, 2018

Dear @bujanscomplaint,

Please keep in mind that some of your attachments have been removed due to the fact they were all containing sensitive personal information. Make sure to read carefully and comply with all Complaints Guidelines from now on.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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