Is Grand Reef Casino broke ?

posted on October 16, 2013.

Hi everyone.

This complaint is more for players rather for casino staff, because my previous complaints were ignored.

I'm waiting for 2 payments from GRC of $3500 + $3352.65 since 20 of March 2013. Yes, you read it right for almost 7 months! Also I'm waiting for 1 more payment of $805.3 since 24 of May 2013 from African Palace Casino (APC). APC and GRC belongs to one company. I have sent a lot of emails. I saved a lot of chat sessions in which GRC promised me to pay:

"Kindly be advised that we are still currently experiencing technical difficulty as we have previously mentioned, however we are working very hard to have this resolved in the quickest possible time. I am currently unable to determine when this issue will be resolved. As soon as we have feedback as to the resolution we will be in contact with you directly.

Kind Regards,


So they have "technical difficulty" since 20 of March ? That's bull***. I contacted a few players from different forums and they told me that they were paid even they played after 20 of March.

So, GRC has no desire to pay me and feeding me with promises. It calls fraud.

Or maybe they have difficulties to pay large amounts. Then they are broke or close to that.

I asked GRC support exactly the same questions a few times. They ignore my questions.

I'm not stating anything here. For me it looks like they are either broke either fraud.

Make you conclusion.