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iNetBet Casino will not let me withdraw

Inactive user
Posted on 16 May 2014

i have been trying to get my withdrawals approved since saturday. it is now wednesday the 28th.

on saturday the 24th, i deposited $100 and tried to withdraw $75 - they sent me a link to a fax-back form that i needed to complete. i completed it and i see a number of "okpay withdrawal declined" in my history for that $75.

i had used okpay for "high noon" casino, it was quick and easy, so i thought i'd use it again. i am always a little impatient, so i released the $75 and lost it. on the 26th, i put in three $100 deposits, got my balance up, and the history has said "okpay withdrawal declined" for yesterday and today.

i write to inetbet, they have told me two or three times to send in a fax-back form with scans of all the normal stuff. i have been doing that with no luck, and today they told me that i tried to use the "ecocard" when the only withdrawal method i asked for is OKPAY. they also told me to send in a "faxback" form, seeing as how i haven't been paid with inetbet before. i must've sent in that form two or three times.

please help - i needed outside help the first time i won with luckyred, over 2 years ago, and i was hoping i wouldn't run into a problem with inetbet.

< full name removed >

Inactive user
Posted on 29 August 2013

i just got the following letter from inetbet, but i've gotten that letter (minus the handwitten signature request and the request for OKPAY info) before.

< name removed >

This is a reminder that there is an incomplete verification pending on your account.

We therefore require a fully completed fax back form in order to complete the verification of your account. Please include a hand written signature. Please also include your OKPAY details.

We're currently also waiting on some proof of address, such as a bank statement or utility bill, in order to complete your verification.

Please forward this to us at your earliest convenience.


CSR < name removed >

Posted on 29 August 2013

We have looked in to this for you.

Accounts requested the usual fax back docs (27 Aug). Subsequently incomplete documents were submitted by the player. No OKPAY account details, an address which did not match the account and a signature which had been cut and pasted on to the forms.

The Accounts team sent many emails back to the player explaining how to complete the forms correctly and what was needed to update the address.

Upon receiving Proof Of Address docs the player's address was updated from a PO BOX to the correct physical address, without any problems.

Unfortunately the player continued to submit the same (non-amended) fax back form, which did not include OKPAY details or a hand written signature. The signature was again, put and pasted, which is not acceptable to obvious reasons.

The Accounts team sent many emails explaining that this was not acceptable but the player did not amend the docs before resubmitting each time and continually ignored the fact that a PO Box address is not your physical address.

These are all normal simple requirements as laid down by every legitimate processor, no less so when depositing with a credit card and withdrawing to a wallet.

Inactive user
Posted on 29 August 2013

gee, i sure wish you would have been so clear before i wrote to anybody. now i know what is wrong. you had never said that a cut and pasted signature would not do, you just told me to include a "handwritten signature".

if you would have been this clear when i first asked, i would not have had to ask for outside help. you never told me that a po box was not satisfactory. i signed up on lucky red and winpalace with a p.o. box.

you might want to tell your actual customer the whole story, instead of waiting for them to complain on boards like this. what do you care about more, the way your casino is seen on boards like this one, or the way you conduct business?

i wouldn't have run through and lost $1000 if you would have told me exactly what was wrong and if you would have sent me the same detail that you posted on this board. i thought you were a scam and that is why i went through $1000 when you weren't being clear with me.

Posted on 29 August 2013

With respect we could not have been clearer, stating that we require a hand written signature, I would have thought was self explanatory.

We also told you several times that we need proof of your physical address, we did not say a PO Box was not satisfactory, we simply stated on several occasions we need your physical address as well as your PO Box.

Posted on 29 August 2013

I think that response pretty much sums up your case.

we will not comment again on this.

Posted on 03 September 2013

 Casino representative explained everything in their replies, but players behave is unacceptable and rude, so this complaint is solved! No further discussion.

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