888 Casino - Inadequate self exclusion checks, refusing to refund my deposits

Akota United Kingdom
posted on May 25, 2015.

I refer to write to my accounts with: 'www.888.com' and 'www.Foxycasino.com' - which as I understand, are both entities under the 888 Group.

Having realised I was suffering from a compulsive gambling addiction, I requested that a full self exclusion period was placed upon my 888 account (08.05). However, on the 22.05.15, I was able to open an account with www.foxycasino.com; using the same details as previously registered with 888, including: username, registered card details, address, IP address.

Upon registering with 'Foxycasino', I was allowed to make deposits totalling over £4000 - despite having a self exclusion ban placed on the account. As a 'responsible gaming provider' - that has a duty to help prevent compulsive usage - I am very disappointed that 888 holdings have failed to enforce their self exclusion policy/responsible gambling policy. No checks were made - which resulted in financial losses.

I have sought advice on the above and I herby request that:

i.) 888 holdings close my Foxycasino (it shouldn't have been allowed to open in the first place));
ii.) 888 holdings provide a refund of the deposited funds, because of their inability to/inadequate checks for self exclusion.

posted on May 26, 2015.

Hi Akota,
The reference number for your case is 150525-000998 and you should receive a response within 72 hours from sending the email.
888casino team.

Akota United Kingdom
posted on May 29, 2015.

Thanks - I await your reply.

Akota United Kingdom
posted on May 29, 2015.

An interesting interview from John Anderson (JA), Former CEO of 888, now Non-Exec Director at 888.

"TRC: What is your stance on client protection? "

"JA: We’ve got a whole raft of back office computers and software which totally protects you as a client. Your money’s ring-fenced. We keep full and absolutely complete records here in Gibraltar. The amount of information we keep is absolutely phenomenal, far better than any bank or insurance company that I know and our back office staff are the best in the business. We’re also big into self-exclusion so if you feel that you’re getting ahead of yourself and you’re spending more than you planned to spend, I won’t let you play. I will help that person self-exclude."

Source: http:/­/ww­w.t­he-­rep­ort.ne­t/g­ibr­alt­ar/­dec­201­2/3­24-­q-a­-jo­hn-­and­ers­on-­dep­uty­-ch­air­man­-of­-gi­bra­lta­r-b­ett­ing­-ga­min­g-a­sso­cia­tio­n-n­on-­exe­cut­ive­-di­rec­tor­-of­-88­8-h­oldings

Here I am - a 24 year old customer, who realised he was gambling too much and decided to take the decision to formally self exclude.

10 days later - I'm allowed to re-open a new 888 affiliated account using the exact same:

- First and second name
-Card details;
- Address;
-Email account
-IP address;

And even... The exact same username!!

I'm absolutely gutted about loosing the money that I did and very disappointed that 888 failed to be the 'responsible' organisation that they claim to be!

I'd be very interested to talk with John Anderson about 888's commitment to self exclusion - as clearly, vulnerable clients such as myself are not being safeguarded (despite having the systems in place to do so).

I look forward to receiving 888's response as it has been over 72 hours now. Hopefully we can come to an amicable agreement without the negative publicity this could cause.


Akota United Kingdom
posted on May 29, 2015.

Case unresolved. I've just received an email from 888 stating that "we cannot prevent a person from opening new accounts with us" despite asking the operator to refuse to accept my custom.

Akota United Kingdom
posted on June 2, 2015.

I'm still struggling with Foxy Casino. This is in relation to my self-exclusion agreement, which was registered with Cassava on the 22nd May 2015.

Clearly, the self-exclusion agreement was breached by 'FoxyCasino' who failed to take the reasonable steps to refuse my service in relation to participating in gambling. In their previous e-mail (dated 29.05), they confirmed they do not have the procedures in place to ‘prevent a person from opening new accounts with us’ – despite my e-mail requesting that I would like to be self-excluded.

As a responsible gaming provider, should they not have a register of those who have asked to be self-excluded and prevent these customers from gambling? The account was created with exactly the same details (account name, first and second name, e-mail address, postal address and card details).

They have emailed me back saying "I am very sorry to hear that you think so. Please be advised the respective department have contacted you and explained you clearly that such refund is not applicable because it is your responsibility to refrain from opening any new accounts and put funds in them. I will kindly advise you to refer to the following link: https:­//w­ww.f­ox­yca­sin­o.c­om/­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tio­ns.html / “Your account” section.

In the terms and conditions on the site is clearly stated that:

“The Company reserves the right to terminate your account, void any winnings and withhold all monies in your account without notice to you, if we reasonably suspect that:

- you have self excluded on any other website operated by the Company;"

And you have agreed to them as creating this account in your discretion. "

Clearly, "FoxyCasino" are showing complete disregard to their self-exclusion responsibilities. Furthermore, their policy is to void all winnings whilst happily taking deposits.

posted on June 6, 2015.

Hi all,
We are in a process to resolve this with the member,
888casino team.

posted on June 9, 2015.

Any news?

posted on June 13, 2015.

Any progress?

Akota United Kingdom
posted on June 16, 2015.

Once I threatened the Cassava group's senior management (ask for your case to be elevated) with the Uk gambling commission/ecogra they refunded me. Case resolved now resolved.

posted on June 17, 2015.

Based on the player's last comment, we consider this complaint resolved and officially closed.