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Black Diamond Casino - Denied payment of $2000 with a weird reason

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Black Diamond Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 2000
justkohn1 United States Message
Posted on January 26, 2015

I requested a withdrawal of my full balance ($2000) after I went on a nice streak in blackjack. (I only play blackjack). A few days later i recieved an email stating that I was randomly chosen for a complete verification process and that my request would be declined. It said I should attempt to request it again a week later. So that's what I did. One week later I made the same request for $2000. I also spoke with their chat support and asked if everything was ok? Were there any issues with my $2000. They told me that there were no issues. I said fine, I want to keep playing so I'll make another deposit and play with that money so it doesnt affect my pending withdrawal. The next day, my account was frozen. I call up and they dont have a reason for me. Tell me to email securi­[email protected]­bla­ckd­iam­ond­cas­ It takes a lot of emails and over a week, but they finally tell me that they are voiding my winnings bc I employed the use of a betting pattern. Now, I had no idea what that meant. I was informed that it is against casino rules to use a betting pattern to increase the players edge over the casino. Now, I've looked through a bunch of complaints very similar to mine on We all have the same argument. No reputable casino, land or online, will tell you that this is true....There is no such thing as a betting pattern that improves the players edge. It's all luck. There is basic strategy, which I use all the time. Please keep in mind that I have only just started playing online blackjack, so this is a whole new world to me. I chose to try out a strategy (that has in no way shape or form worked all the time). In reality, it usually fails bc the house has the edge. Which is normal. I simply trippled my last bet every time I lost except for the first loss. That I doubled. So I bet 5. Lose. Bet 10. Lose. Bet 30. Lose. Bet 90. Win. Go back to 5. That was my pattern. This is in no way an illegal form of play. If I start with 200 dollars and lose my first 5 hands, Im out. So someone please explain to me how black diamond casino can accuse me of cheating. I've sent them over 10 emails, but they have stopped responding to me.

Please Help,

Posted on January 22, 2015

Thanks for your message, we will investigate this and come back to you

Mr Black

justkohn1 United States Message
Posted on January 22, 2015

Mr. Black,

I appreciate your prompt response. I just want to save you the trouble of an investigation because I've already seen this play out on someone elses complaint forum. I say I didn't cheat, so why was my account frozen. You say that I used betting patterns to increase my edge over the house and your terms and conditions state that a player may not use betting patterns. I say that there is no such thing as a betting pattern that actually increases a players edge. You say that land casinos will kick you out for systematic betting. I say that's not true...they actually encourage it bc it gives players a false hope that they actually have an edge over the casino without knowing how to count cards. You say that bonuses are for entertainment purposes only, not for someone who knows how to use a betting strategy. I say everyone uses a betting strategy in blackjack. It's called basic strategy. And we can go on and on. I don't mean to be rude or short. I'm just being honest.

Best regards,

Posted on January 23, 2015

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you for bringing this case to our attention.

We confirm that justkohn1 has been randomly chosen for the verification process we have in place as per our Terms and Conditions.

7.10 Verification process: Security and Management reserve the right to choose Accounts with pending payouts randomly for an additional verification process. The process includes but is not limited to a review and authentication of the paperwork that has been received; verification that Account information matches the documents on file; and a thorough review of the Game sessions. This procedure can be performed up to twice per year and depends significantly on the security level set by our Risk and Security Department.

When justkohn1 checked with our Customer Service agents, the verification was still in progress.

Once ended, our thorough check revealed that justkohn1 violated our terms and conditions.

8.7.1 Bonus abuse takes place when the Member has no intention to use the casino Bonus for entertainment but instead utilizes systematic-betting, advantage-betting techniques or betting at later extent, in order to manipulate the casino Games in her/his favor. Free Bonus abuse and Bonus betting systems shall not be tolerated at Black Diamond Casino. Members found using these methods shall be immediately blacklisted, and their original deposit amount refunded, unless the Member receives a total payout that exceeds her/his initial deposits amount. In such cases, no further refund shall be initiated. Any winnings made using methods of systematic-betting or advantage-betting shall be considered fraudulent and shall immediately become void.

Due to the above mentioned facts, measures have been taken accordingly.

We invite justkohn1 to contact us on Live chat section or via phone and we will gladly clear and answer any inquires that may present

Mr Black

justkohn1 United States Message
Posted on January 23, 2015

I did contact you on live chat, phone, and email. Everytime, without fail, I was told that whoever I was speaking to had no information for me and that I had to email securi­[email protected]­bla­ckd­iam­ond­cas­ I did just that, recieving 1 email total back saying what you just said. I was given no chance to make my case in any way shape or form. Oh, and by the way, I have not recieved my original deposit back like you just stated in your response. I explained in my emails two things to security. 1) I've never heard of systematic betting increasing my favor in the casino. It's simply not true. I've confirmed this with other reputable casinos like Bovada and the land casino "the Tropicana". Systematic betting does not and never has increased a players favor in any way. It is simply a strategy. Something I can't see being against the rules. 2) I also explained to security that since black diamond casino can make up whatever they want in their terms and conditions, there's nothing I can do or say since the reality and your reality are two different things. I enjoy playing at your casino, and I explained to secuirty that I was unaware of these rules, what could I do in the future at black diamond that wouldnt be considered systematic betting, and to unfreeze my account so I could continue playing in the form that black diamond deems acceptable. I've gotten no response. Also, why wasn't I given any warning, an email, anything saying that the way I was betting was a problem in black diamonds casinos eyes. We would've had a dialogue, probebly ending with me saying ok, whatever you say, its your casino and I will be happy to follow your rules. Please give me instructions on how I could play blackjack according to the way black diamond casino deems ok.

So as of right now, I don't expect to be given my winnings back bc Your rules are your rules, and that will never change. But I do want to understand what black diamond casino wants from your average gambler playing blackjack. Does one have to completely randomize their bets? If I were flat betting, 5 dollars everytime, would I have been flagged? That is still systematic betting. I'm just trying to understand your stance on betting, how my betting system improves my edge against the casino (proof), and how I can bet in blackjack in the future so I'm not flagged for this in the future.

Thanks for your time,

justkohn1 United States Message
Posted on January 27, 2015

Time ran out for Black Diamond to respond and then the time restarted. I contacted support to find out why.

Posted on January 28, 2015

Casino inform us that they need more time so we reset time upon their request.

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