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I need help with 888 Casino

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 888 Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014


I have an issue with 888 casino, because they closed my account and confiscated my wins

I played in the casino and had a luck to win.

My bankroll was 2397 and suddenly my account has been closed.

From a total bankroll of 2397, 640 were deposited money, around 600 were bonuses I got and the rest around 1160 were my wins.

The casino refunded me with 640 (my deposited money), but didn't pay the wins.

Their explanations were very strange.

In the beginning they asked my document for verification and after submitting the documents, they wrote:

Thank you for recently submitting your document via our "Upload Your

Documents Feature". Unfortunately, your documents submitted did not pass

our Security Check therefore; your account will remain closed.We

respectfully ask you to refrain from opening further accounts with

casinos owned and operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Any

accounts opened will be immediately blocked and the deposits not


I've tried to understand what's the problem with my docs and what is missing and asked them:

What does it mean documents didn't pass your security check??? Do you need another scans?

But they have ingnored my questions and started to talk about another issue:

Bogdan, with reference to your query please be advised that due to your

activities on our site, which includes depositing at specific times to

award your account with the most bonuses which was clearly against the

Terms and Conditions, your membership has been terminated.With

regards to your funds please note that arrangements have been made to be

process the available amount in your bankroll excluding the amounts

that still requires wagering.

Here I have understood they refered to their montly promotion. Bonus of 150 for 15 deposits. The minimal deposit was 50 to participate in the promotion. I don't have big sum on my ewallet, so I replied to their email:

Your reply is inconsistent. Previously you wrote, that my documents didn't pass the security check. In the last email you've wrote about depositing in specific times, that definitely doesn't relate to documents processing.

I didn't break any term in your terms and conditions. When you publish promotion "get 150 euro bonus by making 15 deposits" and the minimal deposit is 50, I understand it as it is. And I made 15 deposits.

What else do you want I understand from the promotion?

Do you blame me in breaking rules, that I did the deposits to get the promotion, which requires making the deposits? Ridiculous!

I also want to remind you, that each bonus has a huge wagering requirements. Playing Live Blackjack (the game I played) I obligated to put sum = Bonusx400. So to get 150 bonus I have to wager 60000 euro. 60000 euro! putting the sum I probably will lose all my deposits and bonuses!

So after making the deposits and getting the bonus, you didn't remove my bonus. You have waited I lose all of it.

But the time I've started to win! And at the moment you've closed my account. Very smart! my bonuses were about 550 euro, my deposits were about 700 euro, but my balance was about 2400 euro. So by risking my deposits, I won 2400-700-550=1150 euro and I want to get the winnigs!

To the email they didn't answer for about a week, so I sent them reminder and got the reply:

We thank you for submitting your documents to us; however, as previously

advised we are unable to accept them for verification purposes. In

addition to this, after a careful review of your deposit, bonus and game

play patterns, we have decided to keep your account closed and as such,

your account has been permanently blocked from further use.


be advised that we have requested a withdrawal for your available

bankroll balance, which will be paid as per our withdrawal policy back


your NETeller account, and no further transactions will be completed on

your account with us.

According to the User Agreement you have

with us, in the event that we believe that if a user is abusing or

attempting to abuse a bonus or other promotion, or is likely to benefit

through abuse or lack of good faith from a gaming policy adopted by us,

then we may in our sole discretion, deny any bonus or promotion, or

rescind any policy in respect of that user, either temporarily or


The conclusion:

1. They don't answer my questions

2. They blaimed me in breaking terms and conditions, but I didn't do that.

3. They confiscated not only bonuses, but also my wins, which were got by risking my deposited money.

4. I think this is unfair and I can't resolve it by myself and ask you to help.

Posted on October 9, 2013


Can you please send me your player user name to meny.m­onk­[email protected]­88h­old­ing­s.com?



Posted on October 13, 2013

 Any updates here?

Posted on October 14, 2013

No updates. The communication with the casino is ended at the point I've updated you.

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