I feel abused by mFortune casino, my payment problems!

posted on March 15, 2013.

I am registered in mFortune mobile casino with mobile number: 359886373277

I registered in m-fortune.co.uk on 13.02.2013. There I was invited by friend through their affiliate program. I made my first deposit for 100 euro on 15.02.2013. And I started to play on their games. I've collected some winnings in next days and I decided to withdraw some part of it. I withdraw 125.00 Euro and on 22.02.2013 I received SMS that my money had been processed I would received in next 3-4 working days. Till now I haven't received anything. I had connected with their support several times. They assured me that they had sent the money and I would received soon. On 01 March I asked him to confirm me that they are sent the money on my bank account and I pleased to give me SWIFT for the payment. They refused to give it me but assured that they sent the money exact on my bank account which I was pointed.

On 12 March after several more e-mails, they told me:

Thank you for your Email, We have been advised that we need your bank SWIFTBIC, please provide us with this information, so that our accounts team can re-process your payment.

Thank You

Customer Support

mFortune Casino


According me this mean that they have not processed my money almost 20 days.

From 15.03 is their last e-mail and they answer me that I see my money on 20.03.2012 in my account, but they won't to confirm me exact date on the payment and what amount they are sent in, if they are made payment. I have been waiting my money almost month and lose hope to see it soon.

After I made my first withdraw, and despite my problems with they, I continue to play on their games they blocked some games for my country, but I made some wins and I made one more withdraw for 35 Euro on 09 March. I haven't received still, but I got confirm that they send my money on 12 March.

But my biggest surprise was when I tried to enter in my account on 11 March and can't because my account was deactivated without any warning. I received answer that their games are no longer available for my country. But I have friends in my country which accounts are not deactivated?!? I asked what happened with my money in my account. But I haven't received any answer on this question yet.

The balance of this it is that I made deposit for 100 euro, and many of lies about my withdraws and blocked account without reason and without explanation.

I don’t know how to proceed because i don’t receive payments of 160 euro (100 euro my own deposit) and 60 of my own winnings! I feel abused by mfortune casino. Please assist.