Secret Slots Casino - Blocked my account and withdrawals for no reason

posted on July 14, 2016.

Hi I joined this casino 2weeks ago and have deposited we'll over £1000 on this site when I withdrew £1000 of my legit winnings after the correct pending time they sent me a message please see attached files I have since made 2 more withdraws which equals £3000 then suddenly my account blocked which I did not authorise in this site and I can no longer go on it I still have £1329.26 of remaking winnings on my account but can't withdraw it and this was all won before they decided to block me I have yet to see any money and feel cheated by what should be a well trusted site and I do not understand how they taken my money and when I was winning and withdrew some temporarily closed me for 5 yrs ? Should I close the account permantly to release the funds ? Pls help as I did nothing wrong and I payed them my money which they took without any problems

posted on July 15, 2016.

Hello Lunatech11

I have been advised that you need to speak to the Cassava compliance team as you previously self excluded from all Dragonfish sites. As this issue is a compliance one, we can not advise re anything on the forum. You unfortunately need to resolve this matter with Cassava.

posted on July 15, 2016.

Hi there what should a time of celebrating has rurned out to be a nightmare I am devasted not only did I receive this email this morning but when I checked my account they had a further £300 from account when I could not possibly deposit any money to them because the have blocked any accounts I have with them pls see attached email thanks

posted on July 15, 2016.

This is online fraud on a big scale they take your moneyunder false pretences leading you to believe that you can win real money if u play with real money ? But if you are lucky enough to win then they won't pay you ?? Is there any way I can take this to court I already have informed the gambling commission g.b and waiting for there response.also are still sending me emails of new sites to join ?