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High Noon Casino - Casino does not pay 300$


Complaint Info

Disputed casino

High Noon Casino
Posted on November 25, 2014

High Noon does everything in their power to not pay out!

Many complaints here about the issue and over at casino meister.(long 30 page thread)

Support is very rude and a hoax for every honest customer! I am sure they never intended to pay out the Non Deposit money, after i had that talk in chat and the phone call by them, as well as manager emails.

They closed my account before i had a chance to send any documents and after veryfying me as the real person using this account by phone.

This is totally unacceptable behaviour!

Posted on November 14, 2014

Hi Blackjagger, thank you for taking the time to post and sorry to hear you feel you've had a bad experience.

The reason your winnings were void and your account was closed was due to the details you provided when signing up to the casino. It's well documented as you seem to have seen over at casinomeister that all players are required to give full and correct details when signing up. The full term in our terms of use is stated as the following....

Players Representation and Warranties
12. The player is required to provide their complete, current and full personal details, including a phone number where they can be contacted. Incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent information may result in the player’s account being closed and any bonuses and winnings being removed.

As you knowingly provided incorrect details when you signed up, this term has been applied to you. To help us prevent fraud and various attempts at identity theft, we require all players to provide the correct information.

I'll review the support contact that you have had (phone calls, live chat and emails) to see if I can isolate any training issues or where they could have been thought of as rude or unhelpful.

AskGamblers offers other free chips at other brands of ours, maybe give these a try and see if you can cash out, but please provide the correct information in the signup process.

Again, we're sorry that you feel ill treated but I am sure you can understand that we have to stick to the terms and conditions of the casino and to be fair to all players when implementing this rule.

Posted on November 15, 2014

Look, i did to sign up with just an outdated phone number, because of my very own security phone numbers get quickly spreaded all over the web and i get calls from everywhere unwanted calls i might add, it just happened again. When i noticed how important the phone number for this casino was, reading all the complaints here at ask gamble­rs,­(un­for­tun­ately after the sign up at high noon casino!) i wanted to provide my privat phone number,before i would win in this casino to secure any future winnings. I thought this was fair enough. Ihad that call with Stuart who verified me on phone. And the live chat support with a support woman was after my win and she was totally rude and strange to me, because of a phone number, that this support did not yet had updated. To be clear the casinos behaviour changed immediatly to me after i won. Like they are trying hard to not pay me. I have to note that i did not even provide any documents, yet so i wonder how the casino managment and security is able to draw any conclusion on my identity or if its fraud and i see only the casino protecting themselves to pay out their money to their players. I met not a single casino that does not pay out, because the number is wrong, especially not, when the customer provides the right one before he had won even. I do not plan to give out my private phone number to anyone, i signed up with the private number on some casinos and since that i get unwanted random calls. Also i see no reasion to void and even close my account cause of a phone number? This is absurd and unreasionable especially after my call on my phone with Stuart, a supporter of high noon. Whats the difference in provding an old number thats no longer used or a secondary phone number on a prepaid handy? Your terms do not make any sense, except that its a clausel to void any winnings on some people that do not like to share their only phone number with casinos that they do not know well yet. I won, and i hate my wins to get void in such a lame way like this. Most of the times we players lose, you certainly know?

Besides we have now 15 unresolved complains mostly about this issue with the freechip and 30 page long thread over at casinomeister, in that long thread most people think the phone number excution is ridiculous to not get paid. That might be certainly true.

I provided multiple contact options, most importantly my email and my private phone number before i even won anything at high noon casino.

This casino is very wrong when it comes to their customers. Using the terms in a way like this is the wrong approach to new players at that casino.

I wonder why the casino's managment is collecting a bad reputation here, sure there are many freechips out there but i did won here and provided my phone number after sign up, i cannot make multiple accounts after a small mistake as this is clearly a void of all winnings no matter at what casino i would play and live support could not help me update my details after sign up and only handles it over to the cashier who seems to always close it on next day?

I mean this is rude from the managment, too.

This is not just a bad expierence, but the worst and thats the reasion for this complaint standing here.

So if casinos like this one have so much trouble to pay a freechip and search for the most ridiculous excution to not pay a customer i decided to play only for real money and disregard any freechip offering and i play only at the casinos that are fair to their customers and do not hide behind terms made for them to not pay out. Sorry to say it, but thats scam. I provided my real ID. And a phone number is not really a good way to provide it anyways. Ther are drivers licences, utility bills and so on. all casinos accept it and do not void winings and close accounts cause of an obscure phone number or at the very least do are HELPFUL when it comes to actual CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

This complains stays unresolved, like the many others here about the exactly same issue. I doubt this casion ever planned to pay out all their winnings for this freechip.

Again, tell me about the 15 unresolved complaints here many about the same problem......!

I would be very afraid to even deposit a dime, if my winnings get void as easily like this and accounts get instantly closed......thats a rogue casino behaviour!
Terms should not used against players in such a way! A customer support should work and help the customer too, if he has a concern, in REAL TIME and not do delay updates and make excuses with the cashier who is the only one to do anything at all. I says this is a hoax!

This is the worst casino......and i played many by now, there are slow paying casinos, dead casinos, and there is the rude and unhonest rogue casino...high noon, said the truth to your customer support and closing my account and void all winnings is the result, but only after i won and at the 2nd contact - ridiculous and unbelievable.

Posted on November 17, 2014

Hello again, thanks for your detailed reply.

I've since had time to review the chat transcripts from your conversation with live chat and it seems you also failed to provide full address details as well as an incorrect phone number. The chat support agent helped you with your question and gave you information and advice on the situation you would likely find yourself in, before informing you that the decision falls at the desk of the cashier department.

As harsh as the term does seem, the term is in place to help prevent abuse of such a generous offer. With the initial confusion on your account having provided an incorrect username, then to find out that the phone number and address details were incorrect and incomplete. Based on this, the cashier applied this term. If you provided full and correct details there would have been no issues in completing a successful withdrawal. We pay out many players every week who win off the SIXSHOOTER bonus, these people have provided correct details and have a positive experience.

Again, sorry that your experience with High Noon is not what you expected.

Posted on November 18, 2014

The problem just is, i did not abuse this "generous" offer, and gave correct hard data on registration, which is my full name and birthdate, country and city, exactly what you will find in a passport.
Second, before any winings, i contacted your live support and Stuart, the customer service agent, did verify me on phone by asking me some questions about my details, again, before any winings and withdrawals(i never made one, btw)

We are speaking about floating data here, i have to stress that. phone numbers even a door number is floating data and can be edited at will at most casinos. what happens if i use another phone or rent another room and did not tell the casino before i won anything? Your casino void wins and close the account without any questions and documents seen.

This casino is using the terms against its players to prevent payment. I let the casino know my real phone number and ID before i won and they still don't pay. No one closed my account before i won sixshooter or said anything rude.

It all started after i won and wanted to make sure if my account details were updated when i requested the update before i won.

I think its clear, that this casino messed up in servicing a customer, who triet do stick to their "Terms" to the point.

Why should a scammer or dishonest player contact the live support ot correct his account details before he even won anything? I would like to know that....and why would the customer service agent act like everything is allright and void winings and close account after i won a dime there?

Can you spell rogue casino? Also the reasion to not pay out is ridiculous and unbelievable even if i would have not contacted the casino, can you spell casino fairness?

To be honest i think this casino should change its customer service AND managment....this is beyond horrible.

Posted on November 20, 2014

It is an unfortunate situation and I don't want to go back and forth over the same points. The facts are that you provided incomplete address and contact number when you signed up.

As you were fully aware of the terms and conditions of the casino, if not from High Noon site itself, you saw the information on this at Casinomeister as you mentioned in your first post.

When you contacted High Noon support, you had a high balance and had a more than decent chance of completing playthrough, it is at this point that you thought it would be the perfect time to update your account details with CS.

With regards to your questions...

"Why should a scammer or dishonest player contact the live support ot correct his account details before he even won anything? I would like to know that...."

This is exactly what happens, players do create multiple accounts to try and achieve this bonus, some create hundreds of accounts to do so. And, when they win they update their details thinking all will be fine. As with all accounts we require correct information to be provided so we can verify that the details given are the details of the user. This is to help with many things but primarily fraud prevention and protecting our customers against identity theft or other forms of fraud/thefts.

"and why would the customer service agent act like everything is allright and void winings and close account after i won a dime there?"

The CS agent completed their job correctly at that time. Their job is not to ban accounts, they dealt with you in the correct manner and from what we see provided good customer support. Once you request your cashout, you then go through to the cashier team, passing through our fraud and risk department. These are the people that ultimately hold the power to ban accounts based on the players activity within the casino, in this case with the information provided.

It's evident that the error here was with the initial signup and the details provided. Upon realising that you were about to make playthrough, you tried to change the details provided. Whether this was a genuine mistake or a purposeful action we don't know for sure, either way the terms were broken and we have to stick to the terms and conditions that we set as our players also do. If the terms are applied to one, they should be applied to all to provide a level of fairness throughout.

Posted on November 21, 2014

At least you take your time to explain your actions. About your comment, yeah i was sure to win and i looked in the internets to see if this RTG casino is rogue or not and discovered the phone problem issue, my reactin was logical, still no fraud or anythign provided i used my ID and only 1 account. While, i agree there is fraud and there are evil players, its also a fact that there are many rogue casinos that use RTG based games that try excuses to void winings whenever a player won legally without multiple accounts or identity theft.

I am still not sure about High Noon casino, still strongly think this casino uses their terms against the player no matter, if there is fraud or not and whats really strange to me, the managment is ready to collect a lot of bad reputation by doing this. I think so, cause there is strong evidence all over the internet forums.

To say it in other words, there is a lot of colleterial damage and this casino group(club world player) does not care about this at all, this is very distur­bin­g...th­inking about 32Red where a player broke a serious terms gaining more bonus money as intended and still got paid a big sum about 25.000 GBA, cause the casino do not want their reputation harmed, high noon has a problem giving 300$ to players that are just "possibly" fraudsters or just had an unfortunate problem in which the customer support wasn't helpful at all. I do not agree with my winnings voids and account closed at all over a phone number that i was confirmed anyhow by stuart.

Besides i do not believe the story that a phone number can protect against fraud, some players have multiple handy numbers and prepaid handys/phones. If i would be a scammer i would be prepared for scamming and not use a complaint site, that is ridiculous and would be backfiring, isn't it? The casino can check ips and compare data and so on.

I never made withdrawal, i never claimed anything, but wanted to correct my phone number cause i have seen that this casino and perhaps this casino group only, does void winnings easily just because of a phone number. I got paid by even questionable RTG casinos where i had no real number provided. So i wonder what this casino group thinks they are to void winnings like that? The terms are for interpretation, its not a must, that the casinio void winnings over a phone number as easily as this if the customer do want to have his privacy by phone, he provided over means to contact him, its an internet business after all.

And i think i will continue to provide no real phone number, cause its no use to get 3-5 calls during the night cause of unwanted casino offers with an america phone number, thats rather annyoing to missuse my data like this. My private phone is for important things only and friends and family. So far only this casino group has a problem with this or lets say i have a problem to give my real number on sign up to RTG casinos, william hill, mr green etc have my real number on sign up and i could change the number at will too, a door number too, no one cares about this. The only unchangable data is real name and birthdate in most cases.

So all whats needed is to buy another phone to make a win legit, if a player wants to keep his security and be protected by agressive promotion calls overseas?
Sounds ridiculous and sounds still as your casino uses this to just not pay out. My real ID was never prooven i never send documents and made a withdrawal. The accont was closed in the moment i won anything to prevent payment, quite obviously. The customer support did not provide full support on a floating data such as a phone number. A minor issue to most recommended casinos in the business. We do not talk about birthday date or real name issues what is a concern for every casino or any business.

Anyways i miss the casino fairness here and a real support, Stuart for example never said my casino account would be closed, just Anna did and it was after my win. This still looks like a scam and i trust my expierence with this.

Its of course your choice and that of the casino group to appear like a scam company with all these complaints about the ND....the awards at casinomeister in my eyes seem very unjustified and outdated, i wonder what that should mean......i did a lot of research on high noon, cause its the first casino that scammed me, i would be ready to believe your nice story, if not for overwhelming evidence that high noon is a buch of scammers.

I am really not surprised about the overhwelming negative feedback of this casino, out of curiosity i found these links:

1,) http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nom­eis­ter.co­m/f­oru­ms/­sho­wth­rea­d.p­hp?­t=40267 - someone who did not provide his phone number due to privacy and security reasions - i did use mine after the horrible expierence with High Noon, on by signing up at casinos, since that day, i get random calls during the night.....well done. I think i will just buy a prepaid phone and turn it off, then. Great deal. But i got paid even by RTG casinos without providing my phone number......why is High Noon an exception? well they don't want to pay their "generous offer" (note: its generous if the casino plans to pay out only)....no one does this kind of offer in RTG casinos there is always a max cashout of 100$-150$. An offer is only generous if it pays too, I doubt this casino is paying the no deposit ponus to anyone or they pay only a few of many legit winners. If you are only paying a few you will make still profit in this scam campaign against your players. A managment that lets this happen must be really desperate for whatever reasion.

2.) http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nom­eis­ter.co­m/f­oru­ms/­sho­wth­rea­d.p­hp?­t=43768 on this thread it says there is slow payment...and last post wonders whats going on with this casino group? I bet, if club player was any good that was in the past tense, seems some day any RTG casino gets rogue., keep in mind you are not the only RTG casino that is a scam. and so far i had only trouble with RTG casinos. High Noon, is no exception. If you are using loopholes in terms or just don't react/pay - the methods are all the same lame of the rogue RTG casinos.....i experienced and read a lot about them for now.

http:/­/mi­cro­gam­ing­bon­us.c­om­/sm­f/i­nde­x.p­hp/­top­ic,­17.0.html the echo of this thread is all over the web and i understand why.....High Noons carless managment and customer service is making many people very angry and tanking a bad reputation, for what other casinos such as red32 would pay many ten thousands of $.

Lets look at this page here at askgamblers:


Ranked #644 of 738 casinos - i mean this is pretty bad ......its on paar with any other rogue RTG casino here.

BUT, unlike many other rogue casinos, i haver never seen so many unresolved complains about the same issue:

14 of 29 Resolved Complaints, quite many about the "Sixshooter" promotion, voiding winings and close accounts, for absurd reasions.

Of course i did never expect to get paid by this casino, afteri read all the complains regarding the High Noon Promotion - no one got paid and they violently close accounts and void winnings without further notice. and without care about their customers. A ND is a first impression of the casino, it it seems it turns out bad most of the times - not everyone bothers to write long complains about a casino and not everyone wins with just 1 account provided.

Askgamblers should better blacklist this casino as its not paying out or at least give out a warning that this casino is not recommended.

The CM of this casino may provide a better service than the casino itself, but this unfortunately do not turn a bad casino into one a customer could trust, the evidence was given.

Well, i am sorry but these are the facts.

I am done with this issue this complain can be closed, as the casino will never pay out a dime, for no good reasion and i cannot be worked out in any way they decided to use terms against minor issues like a wrong phone number(only on sign up, the customer support verified my real phone and ID), they only close acconts after someone had won, together with the links provided or small google search and collecteing the data of complainers(the legal ones) the situation is crytal clear that they do everything in their power to not pay out winnings no matter how small they are.

Maybe your casino group take these complaints at heart and change something in their business model....like to require to log in via a code provided through a sms, many modern casino use this, those casinos that think a phone number is important for security. You cannot play at all at these casinos. It would stop the waves of bad complaints at least.

Anyways, its the casino's choice, i for one will never understand why a casino group screams for so much bad player reactions. This can't be good, and we cannot trust such casinos that use terms in a most ridiculous manner, against their players to void winnings. Everyone understands that multiple accounts and same ip etc is strictly prohibited. But close an account in the minute a player won after some talks with the customer support is simply a hoax. And its of course my unpleasant right to deliever the bad news as a warning, cause i really have not the impressin the casino managment did learn from their faults, if i review the complaints about the same ND issue over the years to this date.

Posted on November 25, 2014

In light of the statements above we consider this complaint resolved. In the casino T&C No. 12 is clearly stated that player must provide their complete, current and full personal details, including a phone number where they can be contacted. Player didn't give his correct details so unfortunately he didn't obey T&C.

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