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High Noon Casino - no deposit bonus

posted on April 10, 2012.

I took the $61 NO Deposit bonus. I fulfilled all of their requirements and cashed out $375. In my account history it stated that the withdrawl was approved but I was told by their live chat operator that I could not collect until I deposited $21. This was a NO DEPOSIT bonus. I told the operator that they are operating a scam. I went in to check on my winnings and now they are saying that my winnings were taken away because I have two accounts. This is a lie and I don't have two accounts. Is there any recourse to get my winnings from a scamming casino?

posted on April 11, 2012.

Hi, in reply to your claims...

Firstly, the bonus you took is a No Deposit Bonus as the funds were added to your account when you claimed the code and NO DEPOSIT WAS REQUIRED TO CLAIM IT.

The deposit of $21 is there to firstly validate your account and also to open up the pathways for withdrawal methods. For player who take a free chip and win, it is usual that a deposit is made before cashing out the full winning amount plus their deposit.

So lets say that your total winnings were $100 for example, you make a $21 deposit to activate your account and make a total withdrawal of $121.

This is also stated in the terms and conditions of the site which I am sure you read...


4. Only one free bonus can be claimed on any account before the first deposit is completed. If an account is funded entirely with a free bonus, in addition to our other requirements, an approved deposit is necessary to validate the account before any withdrawals will be processed."

No scam there.

In response to your multiple accounts accusation, this is infact true. You have a second account which matches your new account by name, address, telephone number, email and more. If it helps jog your memory on these accounts, I've listed the usernames below...

vlynndavis - opened 10/12/2011

ldavis12 - opened 04/06/2012 (relating to this complaint)

Both of these accounts claimed the $60 free chip, the most recent account is the one that the withdrawal attempt was made and as stated in the terms and conditions....


2. All Bonuses will be given only once per household, business address, IP address and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a duplicate account is opened it will be closed and all bonuses and winnings will be considered void."

You can familiarise yourself with these terms here http:/­/hi­ghn­oon­cas­­m/T­erm­s.aspx.

Before reporting your gripe you should always read the terms and conditions to ensure that you have acted within them. On this occasion you have not, which is why the funds were removed.

I am sorry that you have not enoyed your time with High Noon, however your initial account remains open should you wish to deposit and play for actual money?

posted on April 16, 2012.

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