High Noon Casino has rude Customer Service Agents.

posted on August 20, 2012.

I recently began playing at this casino, I mainly do this for fun as the nearest live Casino is 2 hours away and I have played many casinos online so I am no stranger to this works. However I am very upset with the Customer Service Department and their lack of concern/empathy.

I recently did the $61.00 NO Deposit (emphasis on NO DEPOSIT) bonus, played through and "won" $1312.00. I submitted my documents to [email protected] and have waited patiently. The first CSR explained that is all I would need to send and I would get my money.

Today I spoke with Helen, who is quite possibly the worst CSR in this Industry. She consistently played the blame game - that it is my fault and that I have voided myself of the money won. I have kept the Transcript from BOTH CSRs and Helen consistently tells me that it is my fault that I have lost the money. Apparently I signed up many months/years? ago under a different use name and different email address. Which I find amazing because it did not trigger that there was an account already associated with the email address and I only use 2 email accounts. The first user name being AvonLady2010 and apparently, how I don't know, signed up a second time under the name WendyToth. Perhaps I did, but I DO NOT recall playing this casino at all, and especially not recently. Helen tells me that this voids my bonus due to having "multiple" accounts at the same address/IP/etc. and while this may be true... I was NEVER emailed that this was the case. So was I to wait for days on end wondering where my money was? I would assume that your Cashier department would of seen a connection and let me know of a problem. I requested a withdrawal with ACH on 8/13 - I believe and it is now the 20th, and yet NO ONE emailed me to let me know that I have in fact "voided" my winnings.

There is clearly a lack of communication. When I expressed this to Helen, I was told that she has quote: "given me factual information and I am mad and taking it out on her." I still have the transcript of her saying that.

The thing is I truly enjoyed playing at this casino and would do so again, I am rather forgiving but there has to be something that can be done. I clearly had NO idea that I had opened "multiple" accounts and no informed me that I did. I am in no way saying that it wasn't me, it probably was, but to not advise me that there was an issue is just wrong.

Helen also told me that I could "make a deposit" and when I explained it was a no deposit bonus her attitude changed and the whole situation became my fault and I should of checked to make sure that I had not played there. Really? Its suddenly my fault and my responsibility to make sure I haven't played there previously? Who thinks to do that?

I am very disheartened and upset over the way I have been treated, and there has to be a better solution. I honestly had no idea that I played there previously and none of the other Casinos in your group look familiar to me either, so I KNOW I haven't played there. And I would like to continue to play there, but I would like some kind of resolution.

Thank You.