High Noon Casino - Claimed I have multiple accounts and void my winnings!

posted on January 31, 2014.

I opened an account with HighNoon Casino and first took advantage of the $60.00 free chips they offer with their "SIXSHOOTER" bonus code. I rarely ever take up casinos on any bonus offer, being I spend a good amount of money in the casinos and don't like the play-through, max cash out, ect.. Being this was the first time I played in this casino I choose to take them up on the bonus to get familiar with there games. It had a $3000.00 play through which I actually got through and was up about $600.00 when out of no where it disappeared. When I asked customer service what had happened they told me it had been removed due to someone else that was using my communities WIFI had already claimed that bonus on a different screen name about 6 months before I moved in to the complex. UNBELIVEABLE!! Joke is on them, 99% positive not only would have i played that money away and never cashed it out, but they would have probably made $500.00-$1000.00 more off me in a weeks time. WHAT A HORRIBLE BUSINESS! I'll be sure they get the review they deserve through the editorial I will be right about them in my column.

posted on January 31, 2014.

Hi, thank you for your complaint.

While we do treat all complaints seriously, we always look to see how we can resolve them where possible. I see on this occasion you seem to have been caught up with another player with the same name, birthdate and contact information.

Could there be another person at your complex with the same details as you that also play at High Noon?

Our fraud and risk team are very thorough and we do look out for players who do try and abuse the welcome offer, however sometimes this does happen unintentionally. When this does happen, it is overturned.