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Euro Palace Casino - Hidden ''theft'' via bonus system glitch

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Euro Palace Casino
Reason Software glitch
Amount € 8614
Posted on March 21, 2018

Euro Palace Malta Gaming Authorities License Numbers MGA/CL3/542/2008 (issued 16th June 2015) and MGA/CL1/1404/2017 (issued 29th November 2017) and MGA/CL1/932/2013 was issued on 6 November 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

thanks for giving me the chance to fully cooperate with you and keeping you updated.

The online casino Euro Palace which belongs to the addressed Digimedia Ltd. Group committed fraud by tooking up to 97.15 percent of my deposits. Instead of booking them on cash credits they did so on bonus credits. In consequence I never had the chance to withdraw, or see any of my winnings any elsewhere then in the Bonus amount.

These wrong bookings are not visible at a glance, I discovered it coincidentally and found out that this was not a single mistake. And it is reproducible. By that time I already had deposited more than 8.000 EUR.

The support team first denied the wrong bookings, so I deposited more money and collected evidence by filming, doing screenshots and saving the along going chats.

Finally they admitted, that there was an unexplainable “system error” but corrected only the last deposit.

I sent them over a tiny little part of my evidence and asked to give me all of my deposits back because I deposit money for a fair chance of winning and not for a zero chance. Also I can only risk my money fair when it is fully on the cash credit balance booked, which it was not. All these distorted bookings have not only led to a complete wrong amount of my withdrawable cash balance at any time in favor to the Casino. It also made sure, that I did not have a one digit chance of winning while I was gambling. This comes from the terms and conditions in combination with the bonus fraud.

As the support team was completely aware of the “system error” while it still happened again and again and only gets corrected when I discovered it before gambling a single Euro, this is a clear case of bonus fraud along with direct stealing from deposits.

The support team still refuses to give me back my deposits. They argue that I gambled the Bonus money instead and should have complained earlier.

But we are here not talking a system error. This is clearly theft, as the Casino employees knew that these things happen before I deposited. And theft stays theft, no matter when you discover it!

The bonus money was neither withdrawable nor did I ever had the chance to withdraw any of my winnings as bonus money is bound to strong rules to become real money.

Most of my winnings were not visible as they were falsely booked on my bonus balance.

It`s like stealing someone`s money from his bank account and when he discovers it while you are stealing it, you say “oh, that happened by mistake due to a system error” and give the money back, but else you just keep the money and even keep on stealing a day after. Especially bold, you even refuse to give it back.

In order to let the E-Mail get not too long, I only send you 2 videos of a single transaction, together with the associated chat histories. Further evidence is available.

For the repayment of the above listed deposits during the definitive period of time of the fraud, in total 8.614,00 EUR, I set Digimedia Ltd. under deadline 28th of March.

Any winnings in my account balance result from fair gaming out of the last (corrected) deposits I made, so they are my legal property and have to be transferred as well.

Furthermore, I askes Digimedia Ltd. kindly to hand out the full accounting documents regarding my account. In special, it has to be apparent on which account my money has been booked to. Definitely not to the account behind my cash credits balance.

Maybe the Digimedia Ltd. Group itself is a victim of some employees when smaller and bigger parts of customer transactions are booked to accounts of the brains behind that fraud system.

So, if I was one of the owners of the Digimedia Ltd. and feel accused wrong, I would let a group of auditors check the accounting of the Euro Palace.

Please let me know, if you need more documents and thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards.
< full name removed >

Evidence that comes along with this complaint (Video-, pdf- and txt- files are linked to my dropbox) and what you see there:

Video 08: Link to Video is

< link removed >

Showing that my account balance is 0 EUR before depositing and that there are still wagering requirements that may not apply for the next deposit

Showing the terms and conditions of the accepted bonus

Depositing with Paysafe

Refreshing the website

Showing that after a transaction the gambler sees only the total of cash and bonus (which just fits in total). So he has no reason to control and he does not know that he has to hover over “balance” to see the composition of bonus and cash. He just does not see or has any idea, that he has already become the victim of a theft. In this video, you see that from the 50 Euro deposit, 20,29 EUR have not been credited. Instead the Casino secretly raised the bonus that has to be wagered (50 times as shown in the terms and conditions before acceptance, so the correct wagering requirements should in this case result in 2750 Euro to wager with 50 Euro own money.)

Very hard to find, but when you know where and check the requirements, you can see which requirements the system brought to me, in this case I got 10656,80 EUR wagering requirements which is instead of a 50 times wagering 55 Euro with 50 Euro own money, a wagering of 183 times. This decreases the chances of winning dramatically. In other deposits I received with 100 Euro deposit even only 2,85 Euro own money and had requirements of 28.000 Euro.

You can also see, that without having gambled a single Euro the system tells me, that I gambled for 552,66 Euro already, which can lead to breaking bonus rules and gives the Casino maybe rights to not cash out (if you make a winning against all odds). As far as I can see, there are also manipulated "play checks". Coinsidentally I saw a game there I did not play at that time and whil I could open details for the games I played, I could not do that in the Game 150636, screenshot attached.

In the end of the video you see me starting a live chat with HannaH at 08.00 PM which is completely in a text file stored and comes along with this E-Mail. So that you can see that no text has been changed, I also recorded the beginning of the chat in Video 09.

Video 09: Link to Video is

< link removed >

Showing the beginning of the chat, then I needed hands free to write.

Chat Protocol 16:
< link removed >

System operator admitting a system error and trying to give the responsibility for correct system bookings back to me as I shall check the details and first ask for corrections. The thing is, that I could not do that while I was not knowing that this Casino is stealing money and chances with every deposit I make. The system operator also claims that this “system error” would only exist on my account. I am an IT professional and as an IT professional I can tell, that this is nearly impossible. It is fully automated theft and I don`t think that they use another system on other accounts.

Chat Protocol 19:

< link removed >

System operator denying to give me back my deposits, following the very wrong view, that it does not make any difference if real money or bonus money has been gambled, but implicitly admitting that these wrong bookings happen all the time and “when you detect what we do wrong, we correct it, else we keep it and you don’t have a chance” is obviously the method of the crime.

Other attachements:

- Screenshot of a 100 Euro deposit result
- Screenshot of a maybe manipulated play history for letting customers break bonus rules (it is not even possible to load a game in 2 seconds)

Other Attachements linked to my dropbox (you only accept jpg and png)

- List of deposits I want to get back because of their fraud system. In my opinion only one trickery while depositing changes everything and decreases chances of winning dramatically

Link to file is: https:­//w­ww.d­ro­pbo­x.c­om/­s/1­nk0­7tl­gx6­904­0s/­Dep­osi­ts_­to_­rep­ay.p­df­?dl=0

- Letter "Euro_­Pal­ace­_bo­nus­Fra­ud_­and­_theft" I sent over to the support team (they forwarded it to the management)
< link removed >

- Chat Protocol 16
< link removed >

- Chat Protocol 19
< link removed >

Posted on March 21, 2018

Dear @Poorunluckyguy,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed refund/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

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