All Slots Casino - Requested withdrawals which were never received

posted on October 26, 2016.

I deposited money onto All Slots Casino. I played online slot games. I won some money. I requested a withdrawal. I have not received any money into my account from All Slots Casino as of today. I contacted their support but I have not received any information as of today regarding the withdrawals. Withdrawals occurred on October 06, 2016 and October 11, 2016.

posted on October 27, 2016.

Hi Tammie,

I would be happy to review your account however I find not account under your name.

Please provide me your account name.

Thank you,
Levi Hogan
Communications Manager.

posted on October 27, 2016.

Dear All Slots Casino,

Please keep in mind that player's login details could be found within the notification email sent from our complaints system.

However, to avoid losing time we have just sent these manually as a private message.

posted on October 29, 2016.


Thank you for your response.

My account name on All Slots Casino is kdrct.

Although receiving proceeds from the luck of gambling; from slot games in particular, is always a welcome hopeful joy; my complaint has encompassed my need and want to learn from any mistakes or misunderstandings in playing of these games as to avoid any future and further confusion on my part. A goal of the player, such as myself and I am assuming, any other player, is to play on the hopeful chances of wishful winnings. With that said, my goal is to cordially, resolve this complaint in a transparent, honest, respectful, mature and reasonable manner. Without further adue, please read below.

As I stated in my complaint, I had become a slot player winner, on a few occasions. As a footnote: In addition to the attached pics/screen shots of the "success" screen after completing the steps in withdrawaling funds from my All Slots Casino account, I had made additional withdrawals with unfortunately not recording the transactions for my own files. I am still looking for records.

After a few cordial, yet unresolving emails and live chats with All Slot Casino's support staff, I was directed to the use of searching transactions on the All Slots Casino website. I was happily eager to be informed and directed on commencing a search. For I had transaction numbers, dates and amounts of the withdrawals I had previously made. To my surprise while completing searches, in particular, searching withdrawal transactions; I was dumbfounded to see no transactions existed in regards to the withdrawals made, in question and had yet not received. So I decided to take the painstakingly effort to go thru each of my various transactions. The transactions I have located this far, I have included in the attached. It totals $14,000.00. There are additional withdrawals As previously mentioned I had made including taking into account reverse withdrawals I had completed that the whole withdrawal amount was not reversed.

I do thank you in advance for your time, consideration and assistance in resolving my complaint. I include all persons that may have been or are currently involved.

Kind regards,


posted on October 29, 2016.


I have reviewed your account and will speak in more detail with our financial department Sunday morning.

However, according to the records I show your withdrawal was returned to your account due to documentation being requested for withdrawal and you played the amount through.

I will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Levi Hogan
Communications Manager.

posted on October 30, 2016.


As to follow the above directives of public reply in regards to my complaint to All Slots Casino, please see my response below.

Please see the attached files. I agree, that A withdrawl of $2,600.00 was returned. Thank you for the information. I see that transaction as you mention in your reply, on All Slots Casino site through a search and recalled of all-be-it, a slightly different memory. (Reverse was completed, when I had seen that amount in my All Slots Casino account, I had made a withdrawal immediately of an amount other that the full amount, etc.)

Respectfully, This is not a part of my initial complaint.

Respectfully, this complaint involves more than one withdrawal that I had "Successfully" completed.

Respectfully, I see this as very simple. (But, also, I am open to the fact I may have "missed something" and would then be eager to learn and understand.)
I deposited money onto All Slots Casino.
I played slot games.
I won, on several occasions.
I completed the steps to withdrawal the funds from my All Slots Casino account to my choice of financial institution provided thru All Slots Casino website.
I then become within the understanding of that I will receive my winnings requested, in a timely manner because of the steps I took on the website to withdrawal then, at the completion of my withdrawal transaction, a system response was stated to be a "Success", highlighted in green.

Time and days go by, I still do not received the winnings. I inquire through All Slots Casino support; and after cordially correspondingback and forth, I was not receiving definitive answers; frustration on my part was setting in quietly, as not once would All Slots Casino support comment (or acknowledge) on a possible explanation about the screenshots I provided. The support staff would only state the reverse withdrawal, as you also have stated in your last reply, that clearly shows a lesser amount than, for example, the "Successful" $5,000.00 withdrawal I completed.
No other reverse transactions were located or informed of as well. My concern became forefront, not only because of days past with still not receiving any funds thru my choice of financial institution via All Slots Casino withdrawal system procedure, but also due to the lack of acknowledgement of provided recordings (evidence) of initial "Successful" withdrawal transactions, as well as, the cordial replies from All Slots Casino support staff confirming receiving verification documents requested including a stated time of All Slots Casino to reply in regards to verification that I have not received to date. Instead of continuing with the unsatisfactory responses or lack there of, back and forth including more time, days that was passing by, I decided to form a complaint through,
In all reality, I could not find an appropriate way to make a formal complaint through All Slots Casino website; again, I may need further education in this computer/tech world. offered a complaint forum of which I commenced.
Please, respectively, again, find attached, pictures I had taken of the withdrawal success screens which shows "Success", date, transaction number and amount on more than one withdrawal. In addition to that, find attached, pictures of the screen I had also taken showing transactions through the transactions search on All Slots Casino website as those withdrawals, regrettably, I did not take a screenshot of the "Success" screen at the initial time of All Slots Casino withdrawal system. However, I did locate some of the transactions within a long listed transaction search on my All Slots Casino account as apposite to finding the transactions through.a simple withdrawal transaction search which still perplexes me.

I am trying to gain knowledge and understanding of these issues as to not repeat in the future, to be fully educated and make winning while playing an exciting experience as apposed to confusion, frustration and just being sad about the whole ordeal from my part.
For example, what does it mean when I see a line in transactions stating an amount, then a description of "Transfer Casino credits to Ecash"?. Maybe I am not understanding something along the line, but I am confident that most people would take the same conclusion as I, of "Success" meaning, in this case, that I HAD correctly completed the withdrawal or Ecash, meaning electronic cash?? I don't know, but this forum is where I can respectfully understand and gain a greater knowledge of what has transpired on my account with All Slots Casino website in addition to informing and help others that may lack a higher understanding such as I. I am gracefully learning new things everyday and using computers is an ongoing, never ending, exhaustive mountain of information. (A prime example, forgetting how to take a screen shot, so I took a picture of the screen with camera.). A quick nap helps me to recharge the "light bulb" moments I joyfully welcome. Who said getting older was going to be easy?!?!? :). :).

With all seriousness, I do appreciate your time and assistance. I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,
Tammie Marquette

posted on October 31, 2016.

Hi Tammie,

As stated above you did make a successful withdrawal of your funds. This meaning the balance was removed from your casino credits and began your withdrawal process. Once in the withdrawal process the following occurs.

At All Slots, withdrawals are processed Monday through Friday, following a 48-hour pending state. When you make a withdrawal, it will generally be paid to the method with which you last made a deposit.

When you submit a withdrawal request, its status is labeled as "pending", which means that the casino acknowledges your request and that your withdrawal is now being reviewed for processing. When you request a withdrawal, please note that you will not be eligible to receive bonuses while your withdrawal is pending or being processed. You are free to reverse your withdrawal at any time, and become eligible to receive bonuses once again.

For your security and to safeguard your funds, you may be requested to provide identifying documents when making a deposit or withdrawal, such as a copy of a government-issued identity card (driver’s license or passport) and a copy of a recent utility bill.
Documents may be emailed to suppor­[email protected]­lls­lot­sca­sin­ as a .jpg, .tiff or .pdf file. Please make sure the file is clear, shows all four corners of the document, and that the email is no larger than 2 MB.
Examples of identifying documents:

Driver’s License
National ID
Utility Bills

With that noted, over the course of time during the withdrawal process you requested funds be returned to your account to
further your game play.

You may contact support and request they give you a detailed statement for these transactions from our records. For your security
I can not list this here of course.

To assist you in uderstanding PlayCheck

Playcheck Terms

Transfer ECash to Casino Credits: When you transfer your real money to casino credits. "Credits"

Transfer Casino Credits to ECash: When you transfer your Casino credit balance to real money "Ecash"

I hope you find this to be helpful and if you need any further assistance don't hesitate to request.

Thank you,
Levi H
Communications Manager.

posted on October 31, 2016.


Thank you for your response.

I have requested the detailed transaction list of reverse withdrawals on my account. Thank you for your direction.

On Oct. 18th, 2016, I had received an email from All Slots Support stating my documents had been received for verification with a stated 24 to 48 hour response from All Slots in regards to the verification process. (See attached)

I have not received a response to date.

As so I am perfectly understanding your response, I am with the understanding is yes, I made the withdrawals my complaint has inquired about; totaling, but not limited to $14,000.00. I am also with the understanding that according to the records, I had requested a reverse of each withdrawal transaction in question, totaling (but not limited to) $14,000.00. With that said, I am with the understanding that every single withdrawal I had requested, I had requested a reverse and played those amounts out.

I have emailed All slots support today, Oct. 31,2016 to request the detailed transaction list of all reverses on my account along with an update in regards to the verification status of my account.

I am concerned. The response you have provided me is upsetting as it would be for most. In particular the agreed consensus of a reverse withdrawal of $2,600.00 on my account with All Slots casino support and yourself. However, no other reverse transactions, until your latest response, was ever mentioned or located thru a transaction search other than the above mentioned $2,600.00, although, during this time, you mention of the, not limited to, $14,000.00, in addition to depositing funds within these located reverse transactions by you and support staff.

It seems these transactions, confirmed by yourself, cannot be located through the transaction search on All Slots Casino website. I eagerly await for the detailed reverse transaction list I have requested from support.

Respectfully, my contact information is available for yourself to have emailed me this information if concerns and security issues on All Slots Casino's part in providing the information on this forum. I do appreciate said concern and attention of my privacy. Respectfully, the additional time and prolonged continued wait now for this information could have been avoided by the detailed statement of reverses you have already located. With that said, I eagerly await for support to response and accommodate my request, hopefully received with the time frame of this complaint thru to provide clear identification of said transactions that I have no recollection or records of their occurrence.

With all due respect, something within this ordeal just doesn't seem right. I guess I am of my wits to have the need to "see it for myself" as I cannot recall, on several occasions, requesting reverse withdrawals from my account. The detailed reverse transaction list that I have requested may very well bring "light" to my complaint, all-be-it, possibly not in my favor. For I am an honest person, and would not commemse due diligence for what I believe was entitled to. To myself, the amount in question is considerable. Completing extensive searches and requests in regards to the withdrawals in question were commended by myself with due care before taking action with this complaint. On a personal note, I am now under extreme concern that, to put it bluntly, I have lost my mind. To not be aware of requesting, on several occasions, large amounts of money to not be paid to myself, but also to have played ALL requested withdrawal thru. In all my educated years (I am old, there is a lot of them), I have not completely forgot what I have done with many thousands of dollars, whether it being physical currency's or electronically.

I thank you for your response and information. I eagerly await for the requested information to conclude this complaint and, for my own sanity, possible revelation of said occurrences.

Kind regards.

posted on November 1, 2016.

Hi Tammie,

I am pleased to hear you will receive your request from support and happy I was able to assist you.

We wish you the best of Luck at the casino in the future.

Thank you,
Levi H
Communications Manager.

posted on November 4, 2016.

Dear @kdrct,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.