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Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

you fail to mention that there is no point in playing this site unless you have a passport or a driving licence.They do not tell you that when taking your money but the minute you try to withdraw you have to send them one of the above or you have no chance of receiving your winnings.The staff are rude,a­rro­gan­t,u­nhe­lpful and basically live help didn't know what i.d is acceptable and said a birth certificate is not official i.d.I asked if i could get a person whom has known me for at least 2yrs and is reliable ie,sol­ici­tor­,po­stm­ast­er,­doctor etc to sign a letter with photo confirming i am who i am (DVLA find this acceptable when applying for licence) but was told no good only the above will do.That is after i had sent utility bill,screenshot of my VERIFIED neteller account,bank card,mastercard and spoke on the phone to customer service to,in there words "verify my account"(they blocked my account as they had phoned me twice and i wasn't in).One in my opinion to avoid and they brag about the British theme???i couldn't understand the person who phoned me.

Posted on March 14, 2013

When a customer is depositing on Harry Casino, with most payment options, the player is already verified by their payment provider. When a player is asking for a withdrawal, documents have to be requested due to laws and legislations. A phone verification can also be part of that process. This is for security purposes and will guarantee that the person requesting the withdrawal is actually the person who will receive the requested withdrawal.

Besides that it is an official requirement and failure to meet this particular requirement will cause serious consequences for the license Harry Casino holds, provided by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

When documents are requested from a player, it is clearly stated and specified what documents are accepted. This is done by email and/or can be confirmed by contacting our Customer Service.

Posted on March 14, 2013

if that is the case then why was my partner able to make a withdrawal without any i.d needing to be shown?was it because i won with a free pound harry's gave me and met the wagering requirements?and why wasn't my withdrawal put as "pending i.d" instead of being constantly returned into my account?is it to encourage the player to replay and lose their winnings?also why is it harry's ask for this i.d when others covered by the same jurisdiction don't?also i do believe what i.d i sent was more than appropriate even more so with having a verified Neteller account whom are a financial institution from which you were happy to accept payments from,it is illegal as far as am aware for a person underage to gamble in the first place so can you tell me why as to you take that risk of allowing a person who could possibly not be who they say they are and not be of age gamble in the first place? wouldn't it be more responsible to ask for i.d first?but more importantly the first question i asked,didn't you say "this could cause serious consequences on your licence"?and as for this statement you made....When a customer is depositing on Harry Casino, with most payment options, the player is already verified by their payment provider.???self explanatory to me.

Posted on March 15, 2013

As for smaller withdrawals it is generally enough with the verification that we get through payment providers. In your case the flag has come up due to the fact you have two accounts from same household/IP which is in breach of terms and conditions and now requires documents to be sent in.

Posted on March 15, 2013

Smaller withdrawals?My partners withdrawal was similar to my initial withdrawal.As for the two accounts registered through one household/ i.p address,you say it is in breach of terms "Only one Member Account for each household is allowed. If two or more users share the same household, Harry's Casino must be informed by the users residing in the aforementioned household."Harry's Casino were already aware of this as my partner didn't receive the 1st deposit bonus for this very reason.You keep moving the goalposts one minute its for this reason and the next its for that reason.Also with the new government legislation coming into effect with the bedroom tax you are going to find multiple occupancy households sharing one i.p address due to people renting out rooms so you may find this problem arises commonly in the near future.As Harrys were already aware that two people from the same address/i.p it is in my opinion based on that fact harrys were obliged to payout in the first instance of trying to withdraw.Basically you are not going to pay a person out if they cannot afford to purchase a passport or afford to learn to drive and hold a license.Isn't that some form of discrimination?I provided enough i.d to support a bank loan application,surely that was sufficient enough to satisfy you as to who i am.

Posted on March 22, 2013

didn't think Harry's would continue to answer my questions with regards to solving the withdrawal issues i had and think sites like this are exploiting honest players and are all to quick to grab your cash but when it comes to withdrawal up comes the "we need a dna sample" scenario.Also Harry's i won with a free pound YOU gave me,do you always give free cash to people you don't know?its about time sites like this verified people before taking their cash,because from personal online gaming experience no one wants to play on a site where you win but the whole winning experience is lost as you know a big ???? hangs over your withdrawal.

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