Harry Casino - Clsoing my account, after sending me a big VIP-Freechip

posted on April 13, 2014.

Hello Guy,

I hope that you might help me with my account at Harrycasino, this is the story.

I played regulary at Harrycasino and my account was already verified before and because i was such a good loosing customer they decided to give me a huge VIP-bonus 350£ stragiht to my account.

I played alot and finally cashed out 7200£, but instead of sending me my winnings they closed my account and keeped the money.

I contacted their support, asking for clarification but the only answer i recived was that they are investigating my account for a "standard security measure" and they will contact me shortly.

Around two weeks later i have still not recived any kind of response beside " we are still investigating"

From my point of view it looks like they are not taking me seriously and are trying to fizzle the whole situation out and keeping my 7200£.

posted on April 17, 2014.

Why does Harry casino does not reply to this complain, alltough they are listed on askgamblers.com?

I have now send a emailreminder to the Harrycasino.com support, pointing them again to this complain!

I wonder why they dont bother to reply, taking 7200£ and then going silent, putting their head in the sand is not the best way...

posted on April 21, 2014.

Ok, i have pointed out Harrycasino multiple times to this complain, but they just dont bother to reply!

I wonder why they choose to ignore this complain and dont give me a explanation why they closed my account and stole my winnings of 7200£.

Basicly they are saying: "We are Harrycasino, we dont like you winning and we can do what we want... go and F*** off"

I hope that this complain will be atleast a warning for everyone, that Harrycasino is not safe to play and you better stay away!