Grand Parker Casino - Unreal!

posted on November 20, 2012.

This place is an absolute joke. I've played at SEVERAL online casinos across the globe. Found this one to be fairly easy to setup and start playing. They actually called me and offered a bonus with a deposit from a US credit card. I thought that was good but, the person didn't speak good english and really couldn't understand her. She must've said "you're playthough will be pretty much impossible" but, that's not what I heard. Of course, there was an upsale attempt but didn't go for it. Deposited $200 and got about a $300 bonus on top of that so great... Started playing and found there was a 15K playthrough requirement before cashing out. OK, played like hell for days and seen that I only chipped away about 2-3K of that. Absolute BS as I had played through at least 10 times that. Started watching it closer and it seems that you only get about a 10% playthrough credited. i.e. if you playthrough 10K, you'll get credit for roughly a grand. My balance is around $500 right now and have been trying to login for a week now. Get various errors, etc even through their site vs the software download. This is a totally bogus rip-off and would advise staying away from Grand Parker COMPLETELY!!! ABSOLUTE CRAP and a RIP OFF!!!