Gossip Slots Casino - Troubles with a Bank Wire Transfer

nosweat1 United States
posted on January 15, 2015.

I am sorry for having to post this here, but It seems I can get nowhere with the casino reps.
On 12/24 i cashed out 2350. After initiating the cashout I realized that the bank had closed the account for lack of use.( I only used that account for gambling) Realizing that the wire is going to be rejected I contacted the casino and I advised them of the situation. This was done the very next day. I was told we had to wait for the reply from the broker. I also provided a different account for the wire. I have been waiting ever since.
I was asked last week to provide the tracking number from my bank that was on the rejection. I did provide that also.
With that number, you can call the bank and get the disposition of the wire transfer within five minutes. We are going on day five and still no word from the broker? This is awful service. Not by the Casino but the broker. I have asked the casino numerous times to contact the broker but no one seems to be listening. This should be almost immediate and days are going by with no resolution.
If I can get the info in five minutes, why can't the broker?
I am hoping that a supervisor at Gossip can take a look and this and contact the broker to get this thing taken care of. I realize i am not the only customer, but I have been waiting and waiting without any response from the broker. The crew at Gossip are great, I think that they can do only what they are allowed to do. I want someone to go out of the box for this one. From my understanding the money never left their bank, it was rejected.
Thank you in advance.

posted on January 16, 2015.

Hi nosweat1, could you please email your account ID attention Manager with this reference ID: ASKGAMBLERS FORUM POST in the subject. I don't want to ask you to provide it to the public over this forum and I want our Managers to assist. I have been in touch with the CS Managers so it will be escalated appropriately. Alternatively, you can send this information to Ask Gamblers as I have already asked them for it. Please be assured, we're committed to resolving this issue.

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nosweat1 United States
posted on January 16, 2015.

Thank you Jay, I have emailed my user id to the casino.

posted on January 19, 2015.

Hi Nosweat1, thanks, we've received them and identified your account. I understand that this issue was resolved with our service center on Friday. Can you please confirm so we can close the ticket on this forum and move forward?

nosweat1 United States
posted on January 20, 2015.

Itt was more or less resolved monday