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Golden Lady Casino - System glitch did not allow me to withdraw on time, misleading information given by their support

Posted on October 3, 2015.

I made a deposit while in chat with mr Alex of Golden Lady casino; he made me this offer for table games: bonus of 800% on a deposit of 700 euro + 1050 match deposit bonus, this last with no wagering requirements.
Wagering was only on deposit bonus , 13,5x , so i needed to play 5600 x 13,5 = 75600 . We agreed about this in chat.
I used to go in history bets page to copy and paste my bets on excel file, just to know my wagering situation, also because only Alex and Paolo among the pepole on chat could see my account and situation.
So, when according to my calculation I passed 75600 euro, seeing that no popup message apperead to tell me I did my wagering, I began to try to talk to Alex, because Frank, usually in chat, could not see anything about me. I keep on playing and reached more than 100000 euro played, always without a good message from anyone; I send also an email to casino support, attaching my excel file and a copyvof the chat with Alex where we agreed about bonus , wagering 13,5x and playtrough 75600. No reply to me.
My balance raised up to little more than 11000, always playing more and more (about 140000), until my luck changed immediatly and i began to lose to all game and, also frustrated by that situation, I probably increased too much my bets and I went down to less then 1000 on balance.
Finally i could speak in chat with Alex, we spoke fo a lot, but i can not write those words, as I can not write offensive words.
After almost an hour of words, he said that my playtrough was so 75600, but that every table games has a different contribution ( 10%, 50% ecc.) to playtrough. I disputed this, as I said : "You wrote me I had to do 75600, we talked of this for a while, you sended me also an email on this, and you never said that 75600 would become another number due to contribution"'
After this he said I was right indeed and asked sorry to me.
I have to say that while we were quarrel on chat, he said I did my wagering just that day, when my balance was about 2500 , and he admitted that an issue in the system did not allow the popup to get out.
At this point I leave to Ask Gamblers draw first conclusions.
After this explanations, Alex first offered me 1000 on balance as compensation, I said no, he raised to 2000 and then to 2500, the balance that, according to him, I had when wagering was completed.
This morning i received the email where he confirms this compensation 2500 with a wagering of 15x (37500) and that he will put in my balace 7 p.m. Italy time, I replied as usual asking the real playthrough, he answered telling me this:
-Contribution changes from game to game, so this 15x will become any number more than 37500 euros.
-I must complete this wagering within midnight...(less than 5 hours)
-A popup will show me every 20 minutesmy situation.

I replied that I am not Superman or Batman, so why this time limit, and that at least he has to put money now.
I think this Casino had some problems both in people that in system, as i played and raised 11000 and lost everything for a bad explanation of terms and rule from Alex, and he admitted this and anyway I could have stopped at 2500 if system worked properly.
This is at least third time I have problems with this casino, and last time too they made a deposit compensation for their system problems or issues as they call them.
Last of all, now I should play in 5 hours to get was already mine a sum of surely more than 50000 euro, i fear.
I think it is not correct, that' s all.
I had an agree with a person of a Casino, i asked him explicitily about conditions , he forgot to show them all to me, their system anyway went out of service for a while, and now they offer me a little bit more than 22% of my higher balance, but not a withdrawable sum, only a to be wagered 15x one.

I already submitted a complaint for this adventure, but you rejected it yesterday because of my language and for using Caps Lock.
This time I think i am using the right language.
I hope you will accept it, and help me.
Thank you

Posted on September 17, 2015.

Until now i did not got any reply, on the contrary Mr Alex sent me this morning an offer by email, based on comp points calculation instead of wagering.
Anyway I am still waiting...

Posted on October 3, 2015.

This complaint has been reopened upon player's request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

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