Golden Cherry Casino - No Wire Transfer

posted on March 20, 2013.

On March 6, 2013 I rec'd an email from support at Golden Cherry stating that my withdrawal request has been authorized and 500.00 has been sent to the payment method I indicated on my fax back form. Of course my "method of payment" was a wire transfer. Well since this was my first time asking for a withdrawal I waited patiently an entire week before contacting Joy in the finance department.

After a week I let her know that I rec'd no wire. It took her a day to respond but she did and asked me to verify that my banking information was correct. After doing so and confirming with my bank that no wire had been sent or attempted to be sent to my account, I waited two more days for her to respond to tell me that she was forwarding my email to "the payment department" and I would be contacted once they figured out what went wrong. That was last Saturday.

This past Monday I went to the chat room to place my frustration with finance and that it didn't seem to make since that I was waiting so long just to get $500.00. I was transferred to "Courtney" the account manager in chat.

She states that somehow there is an error that should not have happened and that she apologizes for the inconvenience. she shared her email address and ensured me that I would receive my winnings.

I emailed Courtney yesterday stating that my problem seems to be a common theme from reading online reviews (which my bank suggested I do when I told them about not getting my funds). Today is the 20th and again there has been no funds deposited into my account and no response from Finance (Joy) or Courtney the account manager.

Can you possibly check into this to see what is happening with my funds. I won again over this past weekend and have two more additional withdrawals pending. Winning should be a happy time. It should not be this stressful t collect your funds.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

posted on March 24, 2013.

Still no wire. After waiting a week for Joy to respond and let me know what her inquiry to the "payment departments results were I get this email:

Dear Donna

Thank you for your email

Please let us know as soon as you receive the wire we sent you on March 6

Kind regards



Absolutely no explanation and no assurance that the wire has been sent. I am beyond disappointed at this point!