Golden Cherry Casino -- giving me the run around on withdrawal

posted on May 8, 2013.

Recently I have requested a withdrawal from this casino on the 18th of April, they say that the process takes about 10 business days. So I patiently waited and still nothing. I then contacted them through Live Chat and spoke with a man name Wade---I directly asked him about the withdrawal on that date and he kept steering me to the most current withdrawal I asked about. I was being direct as I could be but yet he was ignoring this and trying to use a stall tactic. Everyday I have been contacting them for about the last 5 for the status and everyday is a different story. I have two withdrawals that have been processed since last month and nothing received as of yet. I really need help with this matter, can anyone out there help me, I just want this matter resolved, thank you!!

2 withdrawals----18th April for $500 and 28th April------$423.50, Joy from finance says that the 18th withdrawal was resent last Thurs. via wire transfer, nothing received yet, and the other withdrawal on the 18th was sent through the mail as a check and she is waiting for tracking numbers, nothing received yet!!

posted on February 18, 2014.


Please let me know if this issue was solved. If not, please provide the username so I can check with the casino where we are standing.