Gold Vip Club Casino - Troy Waguespack

posted on April 11, 2014.

I won $500 at this casino.

I asked customer support if I could get a paper check mailed to me instead of a electronic deposit. I have a copy of the chat when the tech support told me this. In order to get the paper check I was told to enter 000 for my checking account number , since receiving a check was not an option on the withdrawal form. After several weeks I chatted with a supervisor to inquire about my winnings. At this time I was told paper checks was NOT a policy of this casino and ONLY electronic withdrawals was the way I'd receive my winnings.

I DID get an electronic deposit from this casino about 5 years ago. And had a bank account registered with them.. BUT THIS BANK ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR SEVERAL YEARS.

So I was told my $500 was send to my registered bank account they had on file [ which IS CLOSED ]. I told several supervisors [ Cooper, Dave, Emily ] that I was told to put 000 for my bank account so I could get a paper check. I was told that the money was sent to the bank account they had on file [ that is CLOSED] so then I was told once the funds bounced back to the casino I would get my winnings. IT has been 4 months. I contacted my back and verified that the account the casino had on file was in fact closed and had a 0 balance, I even emailed a copy of my bank statement showing the account was closed and had a 0 balance and that the $500 had NEVER been deposited at any time in my account.

In the mean time I DID open a new bank account and gave the info the casino so I could get my winnings.