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Posted on May 16, 2014

They are bad, very bad and big liars. I got approved 16th May and today 10 days later still no payout. "Nathan" at live help is running out of excuses to tell me. I took up a bonus with them and after playing for 2 hours finally I could request a withdrawal of $1000. So why they don't want to pay me?

Should they get away with this?. God only knows how many more people are waiting for their money, I'm probably at the bottom of their list. Please can something be done about this matter. There is no reason for me to wait any longer for this money. Help please..

Posted on May 31, 2012

This shows you how pathetic this casino is. .....11 days late with my payout and they don't even bother to answer to this site. I think I might have to kiss the $1,000 they owe me good bye, it's a real shame they are going to get away with this. I hope they go out of business because they deserve nothing better.

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