Slots.Lv Casino - Glitch in software is cause for concern, refusing refund

HitWhit1 United States
posted on March 3, 2016.

I have deposited and played a couple thousand dollars with this casino, never winning anything gto amount to much. i first contacted support regarding the play of the games, winning combination to loss, and was assured they take every precaution to ensure you receive a fair gaming experience. I asked about the Certification of their RNS and Other Components, but never received the date of the Certification. Later, I began to experience a glitch in the software. I'd be playing then out of nowhere knocked offline and having to log back in, restart my game and attempt to continue. Then I began receiving, error messages, stating an error has occurred and I must close the game and restart the software. So again I contacted support, who proceeds to tell me there's nothing wrong with there software it's all my connection.. Of course, I disagree and offer my thoughts regarding the affect the glitches are having on my play, win to loss ratio. Again, I am wrong so I began taking screen shots every time i encountered one of the aforementioned glitches. Today I login and deposit 150.00 and after less than 45 minutes play I have taken more than 8 screenshots of the error codes messages, and other various notifications i receive. Of course each require i restart the game and attempt to play. It always seems to happen right when i start to hit?? I send support the screenshots and havent heard a word back from them. I asked they refund my money and was connected to security who acted as if he would merely close out my account and leave me hanging with no discussion of refund but the more i experience the affects of this glitch the more i believe they should address my refund request seriously and refund my money. the screenshots are but a few of the countless times ive been knocked off or game stopped in mid-play. I have included a screenshot of the game that stops every time i hit double wilds in the free spin bonus round??? Happened three times today???

posted on March 5, 2016.


We’re sorry to hear about the technical issues you’ve been experiencing recently. When you lose connection, your session will continue where you left off once you return to the game. Having said that, we can certainly understand how frustrating it can be, and we’d like to investigate this further for you.

We’ll have a member of our Player Advocacy Team reach out to you this afternoon.

Best regards,

posted on March 9, 2016.

Any news?

posted on March 12, 2016.


Our Player Advocacy team has reached out to the player and are currently working with them to help identify and resolve the root cause of their connection issues. As mentioned previously, while these issues have no financial impact, we understand how they can affect player experience and we look forward to finding a resolution.

Best regards,

posted on March 16, 2016.

Dear @HitWhit1,

Are you satisfied with the casino's answer, can close this complaint as resolved? Please be informed that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and officially closed. Thank you.