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€ 19500

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Posted on July 29, 2021

First of all: My Account was fully verified and accepted with all documents.

And since the 05.07.2021 I have nothing but problems with this casino. I have really deposited a lot of money but I managed to win a piece back...

Since the 5th I have requested several withdrawals with bank transfer (in total € 19,500) not all at once because of the daily limit. After a few days I have contacted the support after the cashouts was still "In progress" and wanted to ask why my Cashouts are still "In progress"

They told me then all my cashouts are already accepted and they are only "In progress" because they have not yet reached my bank...

A few days and a few conversations later they told me then it could take up to 10 days until the money reaches my bank, It also can takes a little longer because corona.

9 days after still nothing has arrived and the status has not changed I have spoken with my VIP Manager. He told me "It is stated that we have approved and charged those withdrawals but they are still beeing processed by your bank!" And I should talk with my bank now why it’s taking so long.

Then I talked with my bank, they said they couldn’t see any Incoming payments and they also asked for a bank statement or a transfer receipt so they can look for it. Then of course he couldn't give me that... Then he said he would solve the problem with the payment provider.

A day later then I asked for new information then he told me they would change the payment provider and that could take up to 3 days then the problems would be solved and I would finally get my money next week. Then came the next week and all my withdrawals were canceled and the money that was supposed to be on the way was suddenly back in my account.

Then I talked to my manager again and wanted to know what the problem now is and why all the money is back in my account and why I can’t even play any slot. Then he told me the game provider would have requested an investigation under there very many account are (including mine) and the investigation would take a week, and when the investigation was over, I’d get an e-mail.

A few days later my account was closed and I could not log in anymore.

My VIP Manager doesn’t answer any of my messages anymore and I'm still waiting for a message or information.

Posted on July 29, 2021


Sorry to hear about this situation.
Looks like your VIP manager wrote a message for you but forgot to send it :( He will contact you at the nearest time and give you all the details. Sorry for this again.

Best regards,
GetSlots Team

Inactive user
Posted on July 29, 2021

Yes, I got the message today but nothing new that helps me further.

Actually, just the same stuff I've been reading for 24 days...

Posted on July 30, 2021

Yep, as I know, we are still waiting for an answer from the provider. I'm sure that your VIP will write you after we will receive some new info. Hope it all will be solved as fast as possible :)

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Posted on July 30, 2021

Sorry that i have no more patience after 25 days of waiting.

The first 2 weeks I waited for the cashouts where you guys always told me it would be on the way, i just have to be patience.

And now I’m waiting almost another 2 weeks for the result of an investigation, where not even the support staff or VIP managers have precise information about it.

I didn’t do anything wrong which would justify an investigation of a games provider, I just played normal slots with my smartphone like i doing for many years at many casinos without problems.

And the best part of the story is:
I don’t get any precise information how long it will still takes?
And why was my account banned? (a game provider or whatever, can't do that, it was Getslots)

That's not how i would treat my Custom­ers­/Pl­aye­rs/­VIPs!

Posted on August 2, 2021


We are looking into the issue with the payments method you’ve used, we are really sorry for the long wait but we still need to receive info from the payment provider and the game aggregator to make your conclusions.
As long as we will receive any answer, you will be informed about it as fast as possible.

Best regards,
GetSlots Team

Inactive user
Posted on August 3, 2021

Sorry, i don't get it...
Why now issue with the payments method i've used?
What’s the problem there?
And can you not tell me how long i have still to wait?

Larry told me two weeks ago it would take maybe a week and now it’s over two weeks and still nothing.

Posted on August 6, 2021


We noticed a problem while processing your payment. Still trying to figure it out and waiting for a response from the payment provider. As soon as there will be news, we will write to you.

Best regards,
GetSlots Team

Posted on August 9, 2021


We are awfully sorry for the wait since the investigation took some time and we had to confirm all the facts with the payments provider. Your account was undergoing some preliminary checks by the anti-fraud team bothering on issues with abuse of payments method which is a violation of our policies as could be seen on our terms and conditions page. In case of such abuse, the Casino has the right to prohibit the Player from playing and permanently close the account
The decision was made by our anti-fraud team from the information received from the payments provider.

Best regards,
GetSlots Team

Posted on August 9, 2021

Dear GetSlots Casino,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to provide a detailed explanation of the issue along with all the relevant facts and evidence that could support your accusations towards the player. Please make sure to state all the relevant casino and/or promotional terms that you believe have been breached by the player, if any. Please send required information to suppor­t@a­skg­amb­ler­s.com directly.

Please note that according to the AGCCS Terms, we consider all the information presented during the course of our complaint process confidential and as such it will not be shared with third parties.

Please be in aware that in case you fail to respond and/or provide requested information within the given timeframe, the complaint will be closed as unresolved.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Posted on August 12, 2021

Hello AskGamblers Complaint Team

We are waiting for an official reply from the provider. We hope to receive it in the nearest days and after that, we will send you all evidence via email.