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Wild Jackpots Casino - Free Spins Not Rewarded and Cant Withdraw Winnings

Roadhouse American Samoa
posted on December 6, 2017.

On my smart phone, I was betting $2 a spin on the game Rugby Star and landed 3 scatters to trigger the free spins feature. Just before the last 2 spins, the game cut out and an error message appeared on the screen, it stated "A gameplay error has occurred". During the error message, the game interface had disappeared so I did not know see my remaining free spins at all. After several attempts to try and get back on to Rugby Star, I couldn't get through as the same error message kept popping up so I decided to get assistance from live chat support.

After explaining my issue, live chat asked me to do the usual which I had already tried twice before contacting them and that was to clear cookies and cache. The Wild Jackpots live support then asked me to use another device, so I logged off my smart phone and logged on the Wild Jackpots website through my laptop. I finally managed to access the Rugby Star game but to my dismay, the free spins had not continued which usually happens when there is a disruption during free spins. Instead, the game was in general play mode and I also noticed my bet was set to 50 cents and not $2.

To add to that was a seperate issue where I could not withdrawal winnings. Every time I tried to withdraw, it would say something about a bonus. I wasn't given a bonus prior to playing. I had over $300 in winnings and because I couldn't withdraw it after numerous attempts, I ended up playing it all and this was so frustrating as I was experiencing two different issues at once.

Both issues were reported to Wild Jackpots live chat support to which they escalated the matter to the technical department to further investigate. A week has passed and throughout the week I have asked live chat support as to how the investigations on the 2 incidents are coming along to which they advised me that the incidents are still being investigated and will contact me via email. I have checked my email every day and I have not heard from their technical department in regards to a resolution.

Below is a live chat transcript that I copied and pasted

Chat transcript
Freja Wed, 11/29/17 08:23:07 am Pacific/Auckland

Hello and welcome to our live chat !

David 08:27:17 am

Username: davyrockit Email: < email removed >. Yesterday I had a problem sent to the technical department in regards to 2-3 free spins that wasnt given to me due to a error message reading 'gameplay error has occured', I am following up on what was the story on that and if I would be reimbursed. Next problem is, I cant seem to withdraw money because it says I have an active bonus balance but I was not given any balance or any promotion for me to select from prior to making my last deposit. Could you please check up on these two issues?
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.12.24 AM.png

Freja 08:28:08 am

Allow me just a moment please to take a look on your account and check that for you
David, I have checked this for you and it seems that both issues have been escalated. We do not have any updates at the moment but you can rest assured at our Tech Department is investigating this 08:31:32 am

David 08:32:47 am
Could you please have them email me once they have sorted both issues?
Freja 08:33:24 am

Ok. I will leave a note with your request David and you will be contacted via email

David 08:33:46 am


Duration: 10m 43s
Chat started on: https:­//w­ww.w­il­dja­ckp­

E-mail from LiveChat

posted on December 8, 2017.

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the player via emial that their complaint has been successfully resolved. 

The case is being officially closed now.

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