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Frank & Fred Casino - Delayed & Declined Payment


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Frank & Fred Casino
Posted on August 9, 2018

2 weeks ago I withdrew 900 eur from the casino without any problems. The issues started when I won a hefty amount. I made a withdraw to my visa account for 3000 eur since that was the limit. I also sent all the documents they needed. 24 hours later the amount bounced back to my account and I had to contact livechat. The guy obviouslu didnt have a clue what he was talking about and stated that I withdrew money just minutes ago (I made a new request and that was what he saw) After bouncing back and forwards sending in new documents - the payment was finally approved. Since I only could withdraw 3000 and the sum I had left was 4300 I made a new withdrawal request. If things were bad before its nothing of what was coming for me now. The sum was bounced back again to my account and I had to contact livechat again. They now stated that my cardholder wont accept the transfer so If I could provide bankstatements and they could use trustly instead? Fine! I sent banstatements - disapproved. I sent another one - rejected aswell and now for the third time I contacted livechat. Now they need the back of my visa and drivers licence. They have already gotten this and approved them a week ago. It seems like they are stalling the matter and they wont let me speak to economydepartement or do anything else unless my documents are approved (which they already are and says so on their page where you upload them) Also for every request it takes atleast 24 hours.