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FortuneJack Casino - Arbitrary account closure and confiscation of funds

Complaint Info
Disputed casino FortuneJack Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount 5
Inactive user
Posted on September 7, 2020

Fortunejack arbitrarily permanently closed my account. I requested an explanation, particularly in light of me depositing 5LTC. See attachments for their lack of explanation. I cited their terms and conditions below. And they still provided no Explanation. At this point, I do not want my account reopened. I simply want my deposit back.

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2020

I thought this was relevant:

Despite Account Closure, I just received promotional email today urging me to come back and play before my VIP status lapses. See Screenshot

Posted on September 8, 2020

Dear @KOENIG83,

Account associated with your username has been suspected on behalf of the research done by Fraud Department due to breaking the policy regarding multi-accounting and purposely capitalizing onto the technical bug within the transactional system of FortuneJack’s platform.

We’re willing to privately share some sensitive data according to this case, which briefly explains how the above-mentioned username went against the publicly disclosed T&C of FJ.

However, we will need the final approval of the account holder before us publishing the sensitive data over here, containing withdrawal and deposit addresses. We will be waiting for @askgamblers to fairly make the judgment based onto the proofs provided.


Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2020

I am not sure what “multi-accounting” means. I searched your T&C for that phrase and it is not explained.

Further, I am not aware of a “bug” that existed in the Fortunejack system, as I was never told about a bug nor was there any Fortunejack publication posted regarding said bug. Which would be the only way any player would be put on notice of said bug. So, without notice, and by definition, a player can not “capitalize” on an unknown “bug.”

I do not consent to revealing private information about my account and private wallet, as that has no bearing on this complaint.

I do consent, however, to posting relevant emails from Fortunejack to my email or via Live Chat that offers evidence that you informed me of this “bug.” If you have evidence of this, and I missed it, it would be my mistake. To date, I have not received any explanation of a bug.

It appears that you are blaming me for a Fortunejack internal issue.

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2020

Furthermore, if there is or was in fact a “bug” that affected players’ interests, and you have not yet revealed said bug to the public, but instead attacked individual players affected by said bug, then you have violated your own privacy policy and T&C. Askgamblers and the community should report this lack of transparency to the appropriate law agency(ies).

Posted on September 9, 2020

Dear @KOENIG83,

Unfortunate to see you unhappy regarding the decision of ours. However, FortuneJack as a casino needs to strictly follow Terms and Conditions, more specifically to this case, prohibiting multi account holders as it’s the only way for the Casino to maintain healthy gambling environment in general. There are many customers trying to operate parallel accounts for the purpose of unrightfully influencing their gambling needs. We need to accordingly take an action to keep things organized and fair to every single player.

Fraud Control and Prevention Department of FortuneJack has collected all the proofs to back our decision and would like to share it privately to @askgamblers custom support team. Mentioning once again, the proofs might contain some of the sensitive data on your digital footprints and we would like to ask for your permission prior sharing it individually to the askgamblers official representatives.

Regarding how the term multi-accounting is referred in FJ’s Terms and Conditions:

As per askgambler’s request, our team is willing to provide the proofs showcasing several account holders sharing the same IP.

With reference to the user about having the bug within the transactional system, FortuneJack’s T&C clearly states that

We believe that the above-mentioned statements are enough to have this case considered as closed. Regardless, we’re more than welcome to read the upcoming response from @KOENIG83.

Inactive user
Posted on September 9, 2020

I am contacting my attorney today and will respond by Saturday. I am also investigating the ALLEGED spam abuse perpetrated by Fortunejack on this website for “multi-accounting” positive reviews by employees. Anyone reading this complaint should read through Fortunejack’s positive reviews and recognize the ALLEGED obvious spam bot reviews.

Posted on September 9, 2020

Based on all that has been stated in the complaint thread and player's unwillingness to sent written consent to the casino, AskGamblers Complaints Team has no other option but to reject this complaint upon submitter's unwillingness to cooperate. In case of a disagreement with our decision we recommend player to seek further assistance on the matter from the relevant regulatory body. 

The case is now officially closed.

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