Feels Like I Will Never Get My Money from Lucky Red Casino

posted on August 15, 2012.

For the first time, I actually had a substantive win with Lucky Red and decided to cash out some of my funds. (I planned on using the money to travel to my sister's wedding at the end of August.) I put in my withdrawal request for $3960 via a bank transfer almost a full month ago. (Really, I requested $4000, but there is a $40 fee for using this withdrawal method. I understood that.)

It has now been almost a full month, and still, I have received nothing. Originally, I was told that this would take five business days. Then they said that it could take up to ten business days. Then, I was asked to wait another day or two. Then another day or two. Then until the end of the week. Then until the beginning of next week. I have an email chain with Lucky Red that stretches more than twenty messages long now. They are really good at responding via email...this is true. But each time, its just a request for me to wait some more, and then wait some more. And each e-mail reads pretty much the same:

"Hello joe,

How are you?

The money is on its way to you it just looks like it’s taking longer than normal at the moment.

If there is any issue with the withdrawal for example the withdrawal failed to reach you we will contact you and reprocess this for you once we have the funds back.

But hopefully you should have this by next week.

Kind Regards



Lucky Red Casino"

When the funds did not arrive, I called customer service and they told me that there were no notes on my account regarding anything. It sounded as if no one had made record of any issue with my withdrawal. It is so frustrating. Their emails are very friendly, and they are very friendly on the phone, but where is my money?

My understanding is that they use a Candaian processor, but for whatever reason, they have no sort of tracking information to track down my funds, assuming that there was an error with my money somewhere down the line. So it feels like if the funds really were sent, now they are simply lost in some void.

I enjoy playing at Lucky Red. And I hope that someone there will finally resolve this issue and make sure that I receive my funds (hopefully in time for me to go to the wedding.) I would like nothing more than to come back here and say that they handled my issues and got me my money, and then encourage other players to check them out.