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en - Failed withdrawal followed by missing funds

Complaint Info
Disputed casino
Reason Missing Funds
Amount $ 68
Posted on October 30, 2014

So i sign up on, and first they force the bonus on first deposit but still it was a small deposit that i lost, thus getting rid of the waging requirements.
I decide to test my luck again and make another 20$ deposit i kept making small wins up to 68$ , after which i contacted support to ask them why i couldn't withdraw my money through my debit card. after a VERY long conversation and them telling to refresh and such, they advised me to use Ukash, which worked , or so i thought, i asked for the withdrawal of the 68$ through ukash and then saw it in pending withdrawals. i then tabbed out and started reading about ukash and creating an account ( first time using ukash and i was checking the charges and if it was available in my country etc. ) it was my first time using so i wanted to make sure i won;t be scammed and attempted this withdrawal , but when i tabbed back into i saw that my balance was 0.00 but also i had no pending withdrawals . So i contacted support who then made me hold for about 20 while they were contacting the Finance department, to then tell me that i canceled the withdrawal and played with the amount and lost it all , and that i can find that in the game history . i told them i definitely didn t cancel the withdrawal ( i had just spent an hour with a support figuring out how to withdraw in the first place ) and that i definitely didn't play with the money either . they asked if i left my laptop unlocked, i told them i was near my laptop the whole time and that the only other person in my house was my 13 year old younger brother who definitely didn't get anywhere near my laptop . i Called them on their international number to ask what was going on, the support told me they were closing down my account to investigate third parties or hacking attempts on my account .

today i receive an email saying they found no evidence of hacking or third party programs.

Posted on October 20, 2014

I received an email from them today stating that they changed my issue to solved because i haven't contacted them in the last 48 hours. I have tried contacting them by phone, and also have tried logging in to my account to check the game history again and screenshot it, but my account is locked and remains locked ( even though they said they'll only lock it for 24 to 48 hours to investigate hacking )

Posted on October 20, 2014


Thank you for making us aware of this issue and giving us the opportunity to investigate further.

We would like to confirm that an extensive review of your account was carried out by our security department when you reported the fact that you had not returned your pending withdrawal back to your casino balance.

Please note that your account was closed whilst we investigated this matter, in order to prevent any further use whilst the necessary checks were being made.

Upon completion of this account investigation, our security department did not find any sign of unauthorised use and a response was sent to you via e-mail.

Please be advised that we have sent you a message to your registered email address with further information on how to re-activate your account from this point.

If you have any further concerns or need assistance with this matter or any other, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via live chat (available from the website in “Contact Us” tab), by telephone or e-mail.

Many Thanks

Customer Support Team

Posted on October 20, 2014

Yes you have sent me a message stating there was no hacking involved and someone bluntly just telling me that "the pattern in the game history is the same " so i will reply here just the same way i replied in the email which i can gladly attach , I played the game for about an hour or more, Made 68$ total, Talked to the customer support and was still playing small bets losing and winning , stayed for about 30 min more so they could guide me through the withdrawal process , and finally they told me to resolve to the ukash method . But As YOU mentioned in your email after 1hour+ gaming and chatting and figuring out how to withdraw my money , i managed to lose the whole amount in 3 min? That is what was specified in your email, i canceled the withdrawal in 3 min and lost everything AND managed to contact support again to ask about why i no longer have pending withdrawals .

Yes Makes perfect sense, Now as i mentioned, it s not about the amount and i probably spent more on international calls with you than the money i deposited! for crying out loud, it s about Being SCAMMED! whether it is 10$ or 1000$

Posted on October 21, 2014


As a licensed and fully regulated provider of online casino services in a Tier 1 Jurisdiction such as Gibraltar, we can absolutely assure you that we do not engage in such activity.

We would not last very long as a business if we did, as our customers demand a secure online gaming environment and would leave us immediately were this not the case, not to mention the Regulator removing our license.

We have dealt with your complaint transparently and fairly as per our direct communications to you.

However, if you do not agree, you are entitled to make a complaint against us to the Regulator by accessing the following website: https:­//w­ww.g­ib­ral­tar.go­v.g­i/r­emo­teg­amb­lin­g/2­126­-th­e-g­amb­lin­g-c­omm­iss­ion­ers­-ad­vic­e-t­o-c­omp­lai­nants

We will not be making further responses here in regards to this complaint.

Best wishes

Posted on October 21, 2014

And yet complaints about are in almost every site there is . Thank you very much for this attempt to show how confident you are in what it is you're stating and your security department confirming.

and if you didn;t get the hint, yes i will be filing an official complaint against you

Posted on October 30, 2014

We requested player's full game log and transaction history from, but they refused to share such info with us stating that would be against their obligations as an operator fully licensed and regulated by Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. However, casino representatives informed us that player was provided with all the relevant information concerning this issue. That is why, we would like to request player to send us this info, so that we could examine it and find out what had actually happened.

Posted on October 31, 2014

First of All Thank you for the great support i have been getting from askgamblers , both your support team and chat representatives are quite helpful and knowledgeable .
The problem is, i am still locked out of my account, i have forwarded my request to re open my account again and again until they sent me an email stating that i need to provide identification to unlock it ( i don't get how that happened since they only locked it in the first place stating it's for secuirty checks and reasons ) . i Have tried creating an account on their support page but they never seem to confirm my account on their web service, and honestly i am done paying even additional money on international calls .

As regarding the full game log and transaction history, Quite Frankly i would be more than delighted to send it but sadly i am locked out of my account and i was never sent the information in email or anything, let us be VERY clear about this, as for the "played was provided with all relevant information" Sure if they mean by relevant information being this : please wait sir i m checking the finance department , hold on sir , stay with me sir ( 20 min later) okay sir if you check your game history you ll see that you played with that amount : AND Suddenly i have plays in my game history with big amounts that i didn't place, i say that it wasn t me and they ask to lock my account for investigation . AFTER they lock the account the support wants to end the conversation, i refuse but they become very repetitive with their aswers so i call and stay on the phone for about 20 min .

So no the only thing i was provided for was 2 individual emails saying an investigation was completed and no evidence of third party was found or hacking. I was never provided with a copy of the game history HOWEVER what I provided them was a list of exact time of the transaction, a view of my date of creation of ukash, the email THEY sent me confirming my withdrawal request went through ( to which they replied and yes i know how ridiculous this sounds but they try : Yes but 3 min later you canceled the withdrawal and lost the whole amount ) REALLY? how dumb can people get to actually pull a lie like that : After spending a freaking hour getting the withdrawal to work before which another hour was spent playing, i manage to cancel the withdrawal, lose the full amount and contact support in a matter of 4 min .

Thank you very much, i really appreciate your support but no they never provided me with relevant information, unless their definition of relevant is " we checked and no one hacked you" .
The gibraltar gambling commissioner apparently have records from all casinos, they will see my plays from other casinos , they will see that i lost and won more than 40$ in other casinos, Their is a reason it's called gambling, you win some you lose some, But this wasn't gambling , this was a scam

P.S : They're not providing you with the game history or time frame because even a newborn would see something is not right at all

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