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Expekt Casino - Refuses to pay my cashback


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Expekt Casino


€ 100

Posted on December 19, 2019

I took part in their advents calendar promotion. This was on 1. december. The present was 10% cashback up to 100. I lost 1000€ they refuse to pay the 100€ cashback.They claim i didnt sign in to the promotion. Although I did sign in. There is no sign in Button on the page at all. I pressed all other buttons that might mean sign in. In the german version of the page they got a "jetzt einloggen" and a "jetzt spielen" button. This means play now and log in. No sign in button at all! I pressed any of these buttons at least once. In addition to that i provided screenshots of the reward for the day as prove i took part in the promo. They dont care and still refuse to pay me.