EuroKing Casino closed account

posted on December 6, 2013.


i was register on Euro King casino site. All was normal and i was upload my documents and then deposit 300€. at the same day i was play many hours and won around 350€.

i was won that money on live baccarat table and i really was very happy.

Next day i wanted connect to Euro King with my account details but what i saw? They was blocked my account. I was shocked, because only some hours i had chance to play and even i not was ask about WD, but my account was blocked. What to do? there was no chance to contact live support because of blocked user. I wrote an email to support and after 2 days i got this answer:

Dear Rustem (Rustemay),

I am contacting you regarding the Closure of your Account.

Please be informed that your account is permanently closed by our Risk Department.

The decision is final and not up to any discussion.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.



EuroKingClub Customer Support

Tel no:+1-514-400-9513

After that mail i was try to contact Euro King and no responsible person to talk, just they say that my account is blocked because of "RISK" so why do they agree deposit if my account was under Risk?

Now they have my deposit and also my wins. At least i want my deposit back and ask you how to get my deposit back? do i need a lawyer or what i can do?

Or they are just BANDITS and take our money and then block accounts? are there any person who have the same problem with Euro King? if yes, please contact me.

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