EuroGrand Casino - wager requirement

posted on September 16, 2013.

I registered for EuroGrand on 16.09.13

I made two deposits immediately one for £26.00 and another for £10.00

After making my deposits I went to place a bet on roulette. As I was going to place my bet two pop ups appeared stating I had received bonuses. One for £6.50 and one for £1.00. As I wanted to get on with placing my bet I clicked okay to both. I then placed a bet for £36.00 (the total amount I had deposited minus the bonus) on red. After this I went to withdraw my winnings (excluding the bonus amount). When I attempted to withdraw my winnings I got a message advising that the amount I was attempting to withdraw was more than my balance. I rang customer service and explained my situation. Customer service advised that I was unable to withdraw the winning because I used the bonus and there was a wager requirement of £1000.00 before I could withdraw my winnings.

I explained that I had no interest in using the bonus and the amount I had wagered was the amount I had deposited. The customer service adviser said that the bonus could be removed so I could make a withdrawal. I requested that this was done. This resulted in me losing all my winnings. This is despite the fact there was only £7.50 worth of bonuses and I had bet £36.00. I was advised that if I want my winnings back I would have to meet the wager requirement to be able to withdraw. I never had any intention of betting the bonus. The bonus was bet automatically for me. At no point was I given the choice between betting the bonus and betting my deposit. Surely at the very least I if the bonus was meet i would be entitled to the winnings on the difference between the deposit and the bonus seeing as my deposit was £36.00 and the bonuses only £7.50