Euro Play Casino - Withdrawal still not paid after 2 months

Ton Leenen Netherlands
posted on April 19, 2014.

Hi, I'm Ton from the Netherlands. More than 2 months ago I made a withdrawal of € 640,- at Europlaycasino after making many deposits for a year now. I heard nothing so I asked in chat about it. Tomas told me the max. cashout was 10x the deposit, I deposited € 50, so I had to change my withdrawal to € 500, that was March 3rd. Than Tomas wanted me to withdraw by Visa, allthough the site gives you the opportunity to withdraw by Neteller. I told him I didn't have Visa, Tomas promised that the withdrawal by Neteller would take place, but the next time it had to be done by Visa. Time went by so I asked again when the payment would take place. The answer was every time: 'Soon'. In the last 3 weeks I sent many e-mails, but no response. I just asked in chat again about my withdrawal, a certain Smith answered: 'I told you before that finance is not there in the weekend, come back on Monday'. No one told me that before. Two weeks ago a certain Harry called me for a bonus offer, but nothing about my withdrawal.

So here we are, after 2 months still nothing received yet... what a service, they make you VIP but give rude comments and empty promises to pay.

posted on July 9, 2014.

We got an email from a Submitter that this issue is resolved.